Promote/Demote Z-wave Primary/Secondary?

Have an existing Vera install as primary, added ST Hub v2 as secondary. Hub inherited all the devices, is able to control them, albeit with a LONG delay on some things.

Would like to unplug the Vera - save it, and promote the ST to primary. I can’t find any way to do that. Unplugged the vera for 24H, the ST still won’t add new devices because it’s not the primary.

How do I force the ST hub to take over the Z-wave Network?

I’ve tried using the “Shift” on Vera, but it still thinks it’s master, and ST never changes status.


I don’t believe SmartThings supports controller shift or controller replicate, so I don’t think you can promote it as you might another Vera. But check with to be sure.


I hope that’s not the case… What do you do with two ST hubs?

Unfortunately, it is.

People use them as one hub per “location”. They’re both under the same account but they do not share devices and can’t be put on the same schedule. I think probably the most common situation is when someone has an outbuilding like an office or a barn and they put a second hub out there to operate those devices.

People might also put a second hub in an air bnb part of the house.


So the fact that I got it connected as a secondary is “unsupported” and the suggested path is to unpair ALL my devices and re-pair them to the ST? Bit frustrating, because with the ST as a secondary, I have all my devices showing up in the devices list… and they’re controllable.

That’s some pain I wasn’t planning on, especially since some of the items are buried in electric boxes in the attic, or behind hard inflexible copper wire in wall outlets.

Hoping that this feature path gets some love in the near future. Seems a required element for redundancy/stability long term.

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It could certainly help in many situations, including migration from v1 to v2.

We do support accepting a primary controller shift. Did you hit the “Join/Leave Another Network” button in SmartThings while the Vera was in “Shift” mode? That would be the procedure for shifting primary to the hub. If that doesn’t work look for a way to have the Vera set the SUC/SIS to the hub’s node id.

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I’ll give that a shot - thank you - didn’t try it that way.

So tried it, that works, vera thinks it’s secondary.

However, the ST hub has ZERO devices listed… like it didn’t inherit any from the Vera… How do I get it to download/populate the device list from the z-wave network?

I’ve tried to promote the vera back to primary, no luck. so now I’m in worse shape.

(I suspect my ST hub is just peeved, and I’ve been trying to find a way to get it to a complete factory default… so far nobody will tell me how to do that)

Does the hub have the same Home ID as the Vera? If so, you should be able to add the devices that are on the Vera to SmartThings without excluding them first, and they will still be connected to the same network.

If you do want to factory reset your Z-Wave Module, you can delete the hub’s location while the hub is active. You will have to claim the hub again and start over.

Thanks Duncan, i tried the ‘deleting site’ and that wasn’t enough to get it able to rejoin as a secondary. There’s obviously a further step to completely default the device.

Not sure I understand. If you already shifted the primary role away from the Vera, it won’t be able to add a secondary any more.

Since “Join/Leave Another Network” isn’t an option anymore (at least not on my devices) what’s the new procedure to shift another controller?

It’s still there. Sign into the web interface to your account, choose hubs, then utilities, and you will see it listed under Z wave utilities:

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Thank you very much JDRoberts!

It also is still available in the SmartThings mobile app’s Z-Wave Utilities, but only if you haven’t added any Z-Wave devices yet.

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