Adding new users difference between apps?

Does adding secondary users work differently depending how you add the user, which application they are using, or not at all? I’m getting conflicting information as seen below.

What will added users have access to?

Shared users will have access to the Location that you choose to share with them. Users will have access to the same Location-level controls as the account owner: adding and deleting devices, installing and removing SmartApps, editing Routines, etc.

Shared users can also invite and remove new users, but cannot remove the Location owner or delete the Location.

Member permissions

Members have almost the same permissions to view and control the Location and associated devices and automations. Here are the exceptions:

  • Members cannot add or remove members
  • Members cannot delete a Location. They can only leave the Location and relinquish access
  • Members cannot delete devices that were added by the owner or other members. They can delete devices that they added to the Location from their account