Adding Multiple Honeywell Smart Thermostat (RTH9585)

I’m having trouble adding 3 Honeywell RTH9585 Smart Thermostats to ST. I’m able to get one added through the linked TCC. When I attempt to add the 2nd and 3rd, it tells me they’re already installed. Is there a trick?

Have you looked at the bottom of your device list under no room assigned?

Hi Troy, sadly they’re not there. I’m going to work today on deleting everything, and trying to add them back in. What’s been frustrating when adding the 2nd and 3rd, at the end of the process it says it was a success. I’m attaching the screenshot.

Go to my account and check to see if all your thermostats are subscribed to Smartthings

Thank you, they’re all there. It’s got to be some sort of disconnect between TCC and ST.

At this point I would say give it a day and try again

Hello, I am having the same exact issue. Were you able to resolve this?

I ended up completely uninstalling everything in ST, including the app, and the TCC and starting over. This seemed to work! Sorry I don’t have a more scientific fix.