How can I "pair" a smart outlet to a smart switch?

I’ve got a Lutron DZMX1-742 dimmer switch controlling ceiling lights. I’ve also got a Lutron DZR15-742 receptacle controlling a floor lamp. Does Smart Things have a method to create a Routine or something similar such that whenever I turn on/off the dimmer switch, the receptacle does the same? I’d like to be able to turn on the switch physically or via the app and have the receptacle turn on the floor lamp.

This one’s easy: just use the official “smart lights” feature in the smartthings mobile app. Select the light that you want to have come on ( in this case, the receptacle) and then say it should come on when the dimmer comes on. You will also have the option to have it go off again when the dimmer goes off.

You will have to install “smart lights” once for your account. After that, you can create a new “smart lights automation” for every new rule that you want to set up.