ActiON Dashboard and HikVision camera

I am using url


This gives me static image, any want solved this issue to get streaming video like foscam’s ?

Any change of rtsp in ActiON ?

rtsp isn’t supported in the Chrome browser, so you would have to find a browser that has a codec (or install one) for rtsp.
I will have to check how your url works, in comparison to mine. It hasn’t been showing the image at all, unless I right click and click “open in new window”. I personally am passing credentials in the url, which is probably while it is broken. :expressionless:

Hmm, yours causes my browser to ask for credentials. So that is of no help… :frowning:

I am passing credentials in url. My issue is I get static image and not streaming image.

Yeah, the link your using is a static image link… Mind messaging me your URL that you use and what browser?

I intend to look into getting a streaming image, but to be honest, I think we are going to be waiting for SmartThings to provide streaming video… :frowning: