Eliminating the Smartthings Hub for new owners?

I installed under cabinet lighting with 4 direct-wired zwave controllers and a ge zwave wall switch. Smartthings handles the automation so when the switch is toggled the lights go on/off.

We are moving now and I am taking my beloved smartthings hub with me. Can anyone suggest the most “set it and forget it” setup so the same functionality–toggle switch, make lights go on/off–will work for the new owner?

My best guess is an aeon minimote as primary controller, but I’m hoping someone will tell me there’s a better way.

They’re all in the same room, right? And they’re all Z wave? Then any Z wave controller should be able to make it work.

If you give us the exact brand and model of the devices we can see if they support association. If that’s true, you need a controller to get things set up, but after that you don’t even need the controller. So you could use a minimote to set the Association, then take that away, and the switch would still work the lights.

But it’s going to depend on the exact models being used.

How would that work for the new owners if they have issues though? Call the original to come over with his controller to reset everything? Every time there is an issue?

Maybe show the new owners what you’re using to control the lighting to see if they would be intrested in something similar.

If it’s just two Z wave devices associated directly there’s just not much that can go wrong. As long as they don’t accidentally reset one of the devices, they’ll just work, not really any different than any handheld remote with the ceiling fan or something like that. There are no rules. It’s just this goes on, that goes on. They certainly don’t need to have a hub. :sunglasses: