Adding an Automation to Home screen in the new SmartThings app

I recently installed the new SmartThings app onto my Android phone after using the Classic app for more than a year. In the Classic app you could add an automation (e.g., Goodnight, I’m Back, etc.) as a Favorite to the Home screen for easy access. From what I can see in the new app, although Scenes, Devices and Rooms can be added to the Home screen, you cannot move any Automations to the Home screen. Am I missing something, or is this the state of affairs for the new app?

Also, I assume you turn the Automations ON or OFF with the toggle icon next to each Automation, right?


Automations are automated events, they are not Routines. Scenes can be built like Routines and they can be executed from the main screen. Scenes turns to be Automations when you define the rules when to execute/trigger them.

Clear enough?

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I’m having the same thought, it would be nice to have Automations on the home screen so specific actions could be done (ie: set a vacation automation to occur when I wanted it to, manually). Have not tried doing it as a Routine yet, so if you have an example you could share, that would be most appreciated.