Adding ADT remotes - pairing difficulty

I couldn’t find this info anywhere after searching, but I was about ready to run these stupid keychain remotes over with my truck after trying to pair them to my ADT ST panel. Both the instructions that came with it, and the ones on the setup guide.

The printed instructions completely fail to mention that you need to hold the “disarm” and “away” buttons until the LED lights red, then release, and see it starts slowly flashing red. The instructions on the website mention this, but it’s in the wrong order… I can’t believe no one checked this out before releasing these products.

If you don’t do it in this specific order, it’ll just sit at the adding device screen after you enter the QR code, forever.

So, the actual procedure goes :

• Hold the “disarm” and “away” buttons simultaneously until the LED lights red.

•Release the buttons, and you’ll see the led slowly blink red. The remote is now in pairing mode.

•Open the app (I used the classic app) and add the device via the QR code. The LED will go green, and it should be paired.

•Do the stupid system test once prompted and ruin your hearing for the night, because you’ll need to hit the panic button on the remote by holding the stay and * buttons.

This is especially nice when you have multiple remotes to pair, it’s late at night, and your family and animals appreciate high volume sirens.

If it didn’t pair, you can reset the device by holding all 4 buttons until the LED lights up, releasing the buttons, and the LED will go green.

Mine both paired almost immediately when doing the above steps. If it doesn’t, proceed to run them over with a vehicle.

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