Add Z wave device: you have not finished secure setup

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The device is now working so maybe no issue?

Maybe when a device uses edge it shows no raw device info in the ide by design

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I tried removing and adding several times.

Then I went in by brand and device and got further,

Device paired but not at highest security level.

Maybe the device does not support highest level of security
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Hello, I am adding an eco link z-wave tilt sensor.

I have excluded and included multiple times.

Every time I add it I get the message you have not finished secure setup, device might not work properly.

It seems the device did not in fact include properly as no events are sent to the hub and the page in tue IDE is missing a few fields that the other eco link tilt sensors show

This is the page from the one with error

This is an example from a working device that is also edge

None of my edge devices show routines in the IDE. The IDE is of little or no use for edge devices.

I was installing an Eaton, Z-wave switch 2 days ago. It took at least 10 install/exclude cycles before I got the secure install to complete. I had to do the install within inches of the hub to get it to work. It was installed using a edge driver.

I installed a 2nd Eaton device earlier the same day and it pair securely on the 1st try at least 10 ft. from the hub in a different room.

I have no clue what was different.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to view routes and other info for devices using edge drivers?

Is there another ide to use?


How do you know whether the device paired securely or not? It does not show in the graph ide secure or insecure for edge devices.

at this time, there isn’t. Hopefully more functions that were available in IDE will be built-in to other areas such as the app or

Wait, for another device on edge drivers it does show the routes and raw device info.

That information looks like a relic of the DTH to me.

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When pairing the device it should tell you if you were successful after scanning the QR code, or manually adding the 5 digit code. I also think you can see this in the CLI , but I am not sure.

I’ve not seen the routes exposed but there is quite a bit of information available from the Devices API including the Z-Wave security whatnot. I find the CLI convenient for accessing that but then I like command lines.

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I’m not sure about this, but it makes sense that migrated devices still show some information received in the IDE.
For devices using Edge drivers, you can see further information (capabilities, status, health, etc.) using the ST API and the SmartThings CLI helps you to query the info through the console.

The team has seen the same behavior with other migrated devices, the value in “Route” remains the same before the migration. This means this value won’t be up-to-date.