Add standing charge to smartthings energy

Snart things doesnt currently accountbfor daily standing charges. Would be super helpful for monitoringvexact energy costs if this was added. Would also be useful to be able to set prices by date to plan for changes

3 dots top right of the energy app

Billing date, energy average cost and custom cost are there but standing charge is not as you say…

Doubt it will appear though

Being brutally honest, unless energy costs increase in the USA by 12% and wholesale by 54% or more it will not be of concern to ST, proof of the pudding is in the app itself where cost has a dollar sign over it, it is what it is

Just found my energy connection has vanished… (sigh)

Im in the uk where energy costs have gone up by a lot more than those figures already, and my supplier have turned off their app so smart things is my only indicator of usage at the minutes

You can add your own electricity custom cost that fits your needs ( generaly 0.34p per Kwh ) but there is no Standing charge option