Add-on switch for GE 14294

(IsuzuCrewCab) #1


I have purchased a GE 14294 Z-Wave plus dimmer switch and am looking for the compatible add-on dimmer switch, but can’t find one.

I see that Amazon has a 45613 3-way kit, but they do not list the individual model numbers. Would appreciate any guidance.

Also, does the add-on operate as a dimmer as well or just an on/off?



The GE 12723 is what you’re looking for. And yes, the add on switches replicate the function of the master they are connected to.

Note, the add on devices do not have radios so there’s no ‘Z-Wave Plus’ version.

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Much thanks!!

(Michael) #4

If you have a Lowes near by, they sell them.

(IsuzuCrewCab) #5

Don’t live in the US. Anyone know of a good source other than Amazon? Need to buy about 25 of the 14294s and about 6 12723s.




Have a look at If you are buying large quantities their tiered pricing can get quite good.

(IsuzuCrewCab) #7

Will do.