Add a Samsung refrigerator setting to Smarthings routine options

I’d like to request for the “Sabbath Mode” setting on Samsung refrigerators to be added as an option when setting up a routine. Currently, only 2 fridge settings are available to use in a weekly routine (power cool and power freeze). On the settings page, there is a 3rd setting, “Sabbath mode”, which can be toggled on and off. This mode is typically used on a weekly basis, so the ability to schedule a routine would be ideal.

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That’s one of the frustrating things about the ST mobile app where capabilities that are exposed in the Detailed View or Preferences/settings are not exposed for Automations. As a workaround, you can use a 3rd party rules engine like which has access to those capabilities and create a rule to turn on/off Sabbath Mode based on your desired criteria. I use this to turn my icemaker on/off when we’re away from home for an extended period of time.

There are other alternatives but would require having a ST physical hub or a fridge that can support running the ST hub app on the Family Hub of the fridge.

As far as making a request to add Sabbath Mode for automations, you need to contact the mobile app support team.


Hi. Thanks for the reply. I tried what you suggested but the sabbath mode is not there. Also it’s very confusing because the fridge appears as multiple “devices” such as “cooler”, “freezer”, etc.

Yes, the “device” is a composite of all its various components and capabilities. Since you see the Power Cool and Power Freeze, those attributes are under the refrigeration capability:

main	refrigeration	rapidCooling    off    Mar 2, 2023, 10:47 AM
main	refrigeration	rapidFreezing   off    Mar 2, 2023, 10:47 AM

And since you see the Sabbath mode in that same view on the mobile app, I would expect it to be in the same place. It’s possible that it’s in a different component which, if it is, would explain why you don’t see it under the main Refrigerator component in Sharptools. I’d login to the ST Advanced Web App and page through the Attributes section for your device and see if you can locate the Sabbath Mode or through the Commands section which should have a command something like “setSabbathMode” and to the left of that it will tell you the component and capability the command lives under which would be where you’d also look in Sharptools as well.


@h0ckeysk8er - I went through every single setting and I cannot find anything in that would help - I tried looking with both my fridge in Sabbath Mode and with that off.

Here is an export from my fridge:

Pretty sure this impossible to be done unless there is a change made my Samsung to the API or allowing us to access Sabbath mode through the routine settings.

As I understand it, Sabbath Mode is being toggled in the ‘settings’ in the SmartThings app, which are also known as the ‘preferences’.

Given that there isn’t any obvious capability attribute or command for Sabbath Mode and yet it can be set, that suggests to me that it is possible that the Sabbath Mode is write only, but more to the point it probably uses the execute capability to do the writing. Users on here have been using that a lot with appliances.

I don’t think the execute capability is going to be any use with Routines, but it might be feasible using the Rules API directly.

I note that Dave Gutheinz has created drivers for Samsung appliances over on Hubitat, so that might be a guide to what needs to be sent to the refrigerator. OCF isn’t something I’ve experienced though so someone else would have to provide the eyeballs and knowledge. As it is I don’t really know how appliances are plumbed in to SmartThings so what I have been spouting may not be at all helpful.