Sabbath Mode to be Added to Routines Update


I was advised that on the latest update that on the refrigerator section on Smartthings - the Sabbath Mode will finally be moved out of the Settings area and in to the main section (so it can be added as a routine). It can be this is rolling update and will be added towards the end. A brief history is that being in Settings the smartthings app doesn’t read it as an option to Automate. Correct me if I’m wrong the option to setup a ‘routine’ needs to be in the main section of the device and not under 'Settings ’ .

Effectively, yes. The obvious mechanism would be for the Sabbath Mode to be implemented as a new capability, with the device integrations implemented to work with the capability instead of a device preference. That’s the easy part though. There will be plenty of other stuff like certifications, approvals and testing to keep people busy. In theory it seems it could be done without any changes to the mobile app at all. In practice the way in which appliances are integrated isn’t something in the end-user domain, and might as well involve pixie dust and recycled lolly sticks for all we know. So the mobile app might need some tweaking too.

Sabbath Mode–as well as other accommodations such as screen readers and hands-free operation of the apps–is very important! Although only used by a (probably small) subset of users, these same users are often influencers.

If you have a handicap and need to user voice to navigate the SmartThings app, you are likely on other forums and/or in communications with other potential SmartThings customers. Make it work==more, satisfied customers that will spread the word!

It observation of the Shabbat is part of your belief system, you are likely on other forums and/or in communications with other potential SmartThings customers. Make it work==more, satisfied customers that will spread the word!

Sometimes your least common denominator can be effective tool to market a product and set you apart from the mainstream.

Just sayin…

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Do you know if/when the update to the current rollout will be updated. Or how long till the next update. It seems this rollout missed a lot of key feature. Especially when it comes to the sabbath mode being added to the the refrigerator home screen so it can be used with already existing sunrise/ sunset routine feature.

this is very frustrating - I went through every single thing I could find in for my refrigerator and I cannot even see when my fridge is in Shabbos/Sabbath Mode.

Unless I am missing something - there is no way to enter sabbath mode on my refrigerator without an API change being enabled by Samsung -

I downloaded the new version that came out this morning, hoping they made the update to location of Sabbath Mode on the app. But now it looks like they completely took away the sunrise/sunset option when creating a routine. Not sure why they would remove a feature. We kind of need that when they fix the sabbath mode issue.

I’ve been looking for this feature for a while and just figured out a working solution to create the Sabbath Mode routine.

  1. If you have a Samsung phone, download the Good Lock app from the Samsung store. (This app gives you many advanced customization settings for your phone).
  2. Go to ‘Routines +’ and choose ‘Run a touch macro’. (The touch macro routine essentially sets your phone to tap the settings etc. that you choose by recording your taps).
  3. Set the trigger (i.e time)
  4. Set the touch macro: Add> SmartThings>Record (this will record your taps, so tap devices>refrigerator and than the settings to turn on Sabbath Mode)
  5. Tap ‘Save’ and use this macro
    NOTE: this doesn’t seem to work when the screen/phone is off. You may need to set another routine to unlock/turn on your phone.

So you were able to set a routine using the sunrise/ sunset feature as seen in the smartthings app in this workaround? Like i can have it shut off 18 minutes before sunset on Friday. Etc.

Yes, however it’s important to note that this workaround DOES NOT activate when the phone screen is off.
I believe another routine would need to be created to first turn the phone screen on.

Ok. So the amount of effort to remember to turn on sabbath mode on the app or the refrigerator before shabbos i need to remember that the screen is on before shabbos. Thanks for this workaround. Let me know if you come up with a way to turn screen on automatically.

Lol exactly. I figured out a good way to fully automate this. It involves setting up a quick routine command to turn phone screen on 1 minute before the trigger to turn on the sabbath mode using activated. Will write the steps next week.

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Hello, where do i control Sabbath mode oi the app ? I have a dacor refrigerator and freezer bot present in the app, I can see things like ice maker in or off and if the door is open, but I don’t see any settings for Sabbath mode.

Hi. I am checking in to see if there was an update from the developer side on adding Sabbath Mode to routines for my refrigerator. I still dont see this available on my app.