SmartThings Shabbat mode - fridge

i just got a new fridge rf71a9132bk. i have connected it to SmartThings app. i have Sabbath mode on my fridge and i try to make it work also from SmartThings app.
To do so, i open the SmartThings app, i read on your site to so i need then navigate to and select your refrigerator, and then tap Refrigerator options. Tap Sabbath mode.

my problem that i dont have “Refrigerator options” on my app so i dont see Sabbath mode.
as show on this link: Use Sabbath mode on your Samsung refrigerator | Samsung Canada

what is the bug?

Can you post a screenshot of the fridge options? Did you reach out to support?

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Yes I have ask support help they say that it’s not support any more after the update.

I’m assuming you checked App Settings?
That’s crazy that they removed functionality! Did they get an official response from R&D or did they just ‘say’ that.

Yes i am sure. You can read the email I got.

There could be a miscommunication issue. It looks like they are treating this as a feature request. This article was written in August of 22 and the ‘new’ app was pushed out in 21. What you can do, is ask them to update the article. This will then push the task on someone else who may know more. Or try to rephrase and clarify the issue and request an email response from R&D.

Good idea.