@ritchierich Good to know you’re there, Mike. Hopefully, I won’t need to, but I’ll give you a shout if the time comes.

@d8adrvn @ritchierich A question about alarm states. At the panel, I hit ARMED AWAY. During the delay, ST reports “… system is arming away.” (Value is “armingAway”). But, once in effect, ST reports “armedStay” The event log:

It matters to me because I want to have a webCoRE piston trigger off the armedAway status.

I know there is an option for armed stay to use armed instant, but I don’t have that selected (plus, it doesn’t seem related).

I would appreciate if you would explain what I’m seeing. Thanks!

@CAL7 I wish I had an answer for you. I work from home and just tried to replicate your issue without success. Here are my system logs from arming stay last night before bed and then just now armng away.
2017-05-01 10:49 AM EDT - moments ago system disarmed
2017-05-01 10:49 AM EDT - moments ago system armedAway
2017-05-01 10:48 AM EDT - moments ago system armingAway
2017-05-01 6:03 AM EDT - 5 hours ago system disarmed
2017-05-01 6:03 AM EDT - 5 hours ago system disarmed
2017-04-30 10:34 PM EDT - 12 hours ago system armedStay
2017-04-30 10:34 PM EDT - 12 hours ago system armingStay
2017-04-30 9:50 AM EDT - 1 day ago system disarmed

I would suggest you try again and see if it is repeatable. The “status” value is set based on what your alarm panel reports via the raw data from the Alarm Decoder via the Arduino and these specific lines of code:
//Determine alarm status
if (rawPanelCode.substring(11,12) == “1”) {
alarmStatus = “alarm”;
} else if (rawPanelCode.substring(2,3) == “0” && rawPanelCode.substring(3,4) == “0”) {
alarmStatus = “disarmed”;
} else if (rawPanelCode.substring(2,3) == “1”) {
alarmStatus = “armedAway”;
} else if (rawPanelCode.substring(3,4) == “1”) {
alarmStatus = “armedStay”;
if (keypadMsg.indexOf(“Exit Now”) >= 0 || keypadMsg.indexOf(“exit now”) >= 0) {
alarmStatus.replace(“armed”, “arming”);

Maybe @kevin_nutech has some thoughts.

You may have the field(s) enabled that detect if an exit was opened or not during arm away. In this case, if an exit is not triggered, it will automatically revert to stay since it did not detect you going away.

This is programmable field in vista panels, I just don’t remember which field without a manual in front of my face :slight_smile:

That’s it!!! After testing a dozen times this morning with the same frustrating results (reflected on the panel so I realized it was unlikely to be an idiosyncrasy of the ST integration), I was “headed off to the web” to see if there was some Vista parameter that was doing it to me. But @kevin_nutech saved me. Tested and opening a door does set it to armedAway status. I hadn’t thought there was a problem before but testing seemed conclusive. :joy: Thanks @ritchierich for your tests.

You can disable this feature so it will always arm in whatever state you tell it to arm - you just have to undo the programming in those fields.

Kevin - What is the best practice for someone using a ThingShield?

Richard, what do you mean by this question? Kevin works for Nutech/Alarm Decoder so he doesn’t support the SmartThings ThingShield. The code in the original post of this thread will get you going, which I believe you have things setup based on past threads. Not sure what version you are using but early summer last year Stan and I published a new version and SmartApp that integrates with SHM. Please see the original post for details.

What? I have no idea about the ThingShield, sorry - as far as I know it is not produced anymore. A bit of a vague question, sorry…

I have noticed recently that the DH for the device shows open sensors but the individual sensors are not updating status. Anytips? Update?

What version are you using? Please compare your version to the one in the original post. Stan and I released that version last summer that addressed issues of stuck zones.

Edit: @MacBenTosh from earlier posts you mention you are using the Alarm Decoder network appliance. Please post your question here:
AlarmDecoder AD2Pi Network Appliance

Since ThingShield is discontinued, is there any alternative way to use AD2SmartThings? Or did this project die an unfortunate death along with the ThingShield?

This project lost steam with end of ThingShield. Given lack of interest and several other documented alarm integrations, no effort has been out into place to use Dans new Ethernet/wifi STAnything library. If you are interested in helping make it work I am happy to work with you. Otherwise check out AlarmDecoders network appliance or Redloro’s solution.

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@ritchierich I wish I had the time to experiment. If I did, I would. I have a background in software development, but I’d need to get up to speed on groovy and the whole platform a bit more. I want to do that, but I suspect the time investment needed here is something I can’t give right now. As for the options, I think I will look into the network appliance. Redloro’s solution seems like it would work, but having to have a PC on 24/7 really seems like overkill for the task. It screams to me of the kind of thing my wife will hate - complete, lots of points of failure, prone to having issues. All those things are show stoppers for me there! Thank you for your input though, I hadn’t read about the network appliance until your post so you at least got me pointed in a direction that might work for me.

Definitely understand. For what it’s worth, most of the effort will be on the Arduino side using C programming. The device handler will need some tweaks but not many.


Does anyone know how can I buy a AD2PI in Europe (Romania)? I am very interested in connecting my DSC alarm with the Smartthings hub.

Thank you!

Tagging @kevin_nutech an employee of Alarm Decoder/Nutech who is a member of this forum, but you should connect them directly via their website:

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We have links to international resellers on our store at

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Can this function with 2 partitions?

I have my 20p with a whole host of zones. When armed all are active

However, I have 2 motions and 2 garage door sensors that are on partition 2 for the sake that they are able to be monitored by either this or an envisalink setup, as we don’t use motions in the house due to animals, and I simply wanted to use the existing wireless sensors on my garage doors.
But I’d like to essentially tie those couple of motions and door sensors into ST via AD or AS, since they are there but not use them on my primary alarm. (Also I have a keypad on partition 2, so I can interact with them)

The AD2Pi receives alarm messages from all partitions so in theory it should work:

But this project was created for a single partition system and development has stopped given the ThingShield is no longer available. You may want to look into the Alarm Decoder network appliance. There is a thread on this device:

@kevin_nutech does the network appliance support multiple partitions with SmartThings?