No the AD2SmartThings device handler is specific to using an Arduino and a Thing Shield. But both solutions leverage the Alarm Decoder AD2Pi board, the difference is the Arduino vs Raspberry PI and zigbee Thing Shield vs REST web services. You may want to post your same question to the other thread I mentioned above to see if anyone using that device has tackled your feature.

To implement it though, its a matter of changing the stay command to use code plus 7 instead of code plus 3. Stan and I implemented this logic in the device handler and have a device preference to determine which one to use. Maybe look at our code as an example.

If you do solve it, you may want to post it to that other thread so others can benefit since again this thread is specific to the other solution.

I experienced a strange anomaly last night. It’s not a problem with this project per se, but maybe one if the Vista experts here, like @d8adrvn @ritchierich @kevin_nutech can help (or at least explain).

At 11:03 last night, the Vista20P decided to switch to battery backup, then immediately realized it was, in fact, just confused and switched back to AC. No problem, except… for reasons I don’t understand, that triggered armedAway. It then reverted to disabled. But that brief foray into armed status triggered all manner of ST events of which I was unaware. Here’s the event log:

Does this make sense as normal Vista20P behavior?

No way I could begin to guess anything without seeing raw device logs

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I agree with Kevin, without detailed logs from the Arduino/AD2Pi I don’t know what to tell you. The Arduino just processes messages from the AD2Pi and forwards those to ST. The AD2Pi just processes messages from your panel so it seems like a bogus or faulty message was sent from your panel, the AD2Pi or something happened with the memory on your Arduino since things got “reset”.

Hopefully it won’t happen again, especially in the middle of the night!

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@d8adrvn Stan - you may be able to leverage my latest Arduino “SmartThings” library to keep your project alive and well without the ThingShield. The new library adds support for a W5100 Ethernet Shield (to replace the ThingShield) or a NodeMCU ESP8266 WiFi board to completely replace the Arduino/Shield combination.

The new SmartThings library is significantly redesigned from a C++ Class Hierachy perspective, but you should be able to adapt it fairly easily.

Dan, thank you very much for your efforts on keeping the Arduino interface alive with SmartThings. Your recent updates are exciting to hopefully keep this project and many others working with the absence of the Thing Shield. If there is continued interest in this project Stan and I may explore it, but I personally don’t have a W5100 or ESP8266 to test with. Selfishly speaking, my 2 Thing Shields are working great for my current setup.

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I hear you! My ThingShields are working great as well, but I just hated that new users were left out in the cold, so to speak.

The nice thing about our redesign of the old ThingShield library, “SmartThings”, is that it can now be extended to use just about any form of communication between the microcontroller and the ST Hub/Cloud. We were really trying to future-proof things as best we could, while maintaining the same Arduino API, regardless of the method of communication.

I recently had a nearby lightning strike that destroyed an Arduino UNO and most everything that was attached to it. Therefore, I know that the ThingShields don’t last forever! :wink: Having another solution gives me a little bit of comfort. I simply used the 2 devices (W5100 and NodeMCU v1.0 ESP8266) I had laying around to get the ball rolling. If you need any other type of connectivity added to the new “SmartThings v2.x” library, just let me know.

Will the Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 work instead of the W5100?


Currently, my new SmartThings v2.x library does not support the new Arduino Ethernet Shield 2. If I had one, I am certain I could add support for it.

Today I received some ESP-01’s. I have just started to incorporate support for the ESP-01 into the SmartThings v2.x library. The ESP-01 is a very inexpensive (about $4) WiFi module (actually, it’s a ESP8266-01) which can be used to add WiFi to an Arduino. I hope to have it integrated over the next few days.

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I have added support for the ESP-01 WiFi module to my SmartThings v2.1 library. You have to use an Arduino MEGA with it currently, due to the need for a Hardware Serial UART to communicated with the ESP-01 at high baud-rates.

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i have a AD2PI Network Appliance that currently working with ST, can i just use that to work or do i have to get a An ArduinoMega and SmartThing ThingShield?

Kevan, this solution is completely different using an Arduino, SmartThings Thing Shield and an Alarm Decoder AD2Pi. SmartThings no longer offers the Thing Shield.

Since you already own the appliance you can get support from others in the community here:

You may also want to reach out to Alarm Decoder/Nutech support regarding setup of your network appliance.

thanks i’ll ceck it out

Hey All, looks like great work was done here in the past. Just researching setups and planning to integrate SmartThings with my Home Alarm, not sure what approach to take yet, still reading.

Just wanted to confirm, for someone new without already having a Thing Shield, I wouldn’t be able to use this approach correct?

Thanks in advance.

Trevor, the project as written still requires a Thing Shield which is unfortunately no longer available. @ogiewon has made his ST_Anything library work with an ethernet shield and wifi module but Stan nor I have put any effort to updating the project with these changes. I personally don’t have an ethernet shield of wifi module and have been quite busy personally to put the effort into updating this project to work with these components.

There are certainly other projects on the community to integrate your alarm panel with ST. I personally feel this is one of the more feature rich versions and it doesn’t require a PC or other software running to make it work. If you are a “hacker” and want to explore this project with an ethernet shield of wife module I am happy to work with you to port the code over to the new ST_Anything code. Stan and I are always welcome to pull request in Git. If you want a point solution then you may want to consider another option.

Thank you for the quick reply Rich.

From what I’ve been reading I do like the features of your approach, but I’m not sure what the others are missing as yet and whether I’ll need them, so I’ll try to read some more.

If I don.t see anything I like then I’ll look into hacking together something, but I’m not sure if I have the skills for that, I’ve only done more basic things in the past, but I’m sure I could learn. I will let you know if I go down that path.

Thanks again.

Hi guys

I’m trying to link my ST IDE directly to your github but it’s not finding anything available to link. I’m using the below configuration, is this correct plrease?


Mike or Stan,

I’m happily humming along with this integration (as well as Stan’s irrigation project), but I feel like I’m on borrowed time until the day my Shield(s) dies. With no replacements available, I’d be sunk.

Have you considered - or would consider - implementing an alternative? I don’t know enough to evaluate what that might be, but I notice the following:

Your thoughts? And thanks again for the outstanding integration that I use many times each day.

@CAL7 Thanks for reaching out. I am also humming along using my ThingShield as well. Fortunately I have 3 of them total, 2 are in use, and 1 is a backup. There hasn’t been a whole lot of interest in this project so I just haven’t felt the need to put any time getting this to work with Dan’s great work on the updated ST_Anything project. Plus I don’t own a Wifi or ethernet shield anyway. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it is how I am feeling.

BUT if something happens to one of the loyal users of the project, such as yourself, I am happy to help get you up and running again.

On a side note, since the ThingShield thing is still an issue - we have fixed most of the issues with the official plugin and have integrated with SHM.

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