Definitely understand. For what it’s worth, most of the effort will be on the Arduino side using C programming. The device handler will need some tweaks but not many.


Does anyone know how can I buy a AD2PI in Europe (Romania)? I am very interested in connecting my DSC alarm with the Smartthings hub.

Thank you!

Tagging @kevin_nutech an employee of Alarm Decoder/Nutech who is a member of this forum, but you should connect them directly via their website:

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We have links to international resellers on our store at

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Can this function with 2 partitions?

I have my 20p with a whole host of zones. When armed all are active

However, I have 2 motions and 2 garage door sensors that are on partition 2 for the sake that they are able to be monitored by either this or an envisalink setup, as we don’t use motions in the house due to animals, and I simply wanted to use the existing wireless sensors on my garage doors.
But I’d like to essentially tie those couple of motions and door sensors into ST via AD or AS, since they are there but not use them on my primary alarm. (Also I have a keypad on partition 2, so I can interact with them)

The AD2Pi receives alarm messages from all partitions so in theory it should work:

But this project was created for a single partition system and development has stopped given the ThingShield is no longer available. You may want to look into the Alarm Decoder network appliance. There is a thread on this device:

@kevin_nutech does the network appliance support multiple partitions with SmartThings?

Alexa sees this as a switch therefore, when if I simply say “Alexa, turn off the alarm.” It does… Not good. The last thing I need is an intruder breaking in and immediately disabling my alarm with their voice. The Amazon devices/software are also not very good at excluding devices, so even if I exclude all my alarm devices they show back up. Is there a way to make this setup not look like a switch? I have been using this for over a year now and I love it. It makes bridging my SmartThings and home alarm together a breeze. I would like a voice control system such as Alexa in my home but this makes it a little unsafe. Any help is appreciated.

I personally only allow Alexa to control specific devices. Yes it can be a pain to remember to add something new but to your concern I don’t want it to control certain devices in my household and I prefer to set it up manually. In your SmartThings app, go to Automation\Amazon Echo and unclick the “Allow Alexa to access all devices and routines” and then set which devices you wish to allow.

The other option you have is to remove the switch capability from the device handler and you can remove the off and on functions at the bottom of the device handler as well. The Alarm Handler SmartApp uses disarm, armStay, and armAway functions so it shouldn’t be impacted by this change. If you have other routines, Core/WebCore, or SmartApps integrating with your alarm you may need to update them with other functions other than on/off.

This is extremely good information. I commented the switch capability and the on/off functions. It still works as expected so I am going to pick up an Alexa tonight to see if that alleviates my concerns. I believe it will. I am also going to perform the manual additions of devices. Thank you very much!

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If you decide not to limit the Alexa devices to a manual list you may need to rediscover devices for this change to take affect.

I’m trying to push notification for when the alarm is armed and when the alarm is disarmed. Any suggestions? I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. Thanks in advance.

This use case isn’t implemented in this project. Push notifications are sent when the alarm is alarming. SHM appears to only send notifications on intrusion as well.

You can edit the SmartApp to add this functionality, use the Notify Me When app using the alarm as a switch or use WebCore to send you the notification.

Thanks. Notify Me didn’t seem to work when treating like a switch. I may try Core.

If this project could run the alarmdecoder webapp in tandem somehow, all of the notification stuff is built-in and very granular

I created a webCore and all I see is “Active” for the status. Whether disarmed or armed.

Alarm's switch changes
end if;
 Send PUSH notification "Alarm has changed state:";
 Send PUSH notification "Alarm's $status";
end execute;
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It’s the system tile you want.

Thanks! That was it… so confusing to me.

Is there a way for me to detect whether the chime is off or on? I’d like to turn off door chiming if before 9am and turn it back on after that time.

It appears to just be a toggle from what I can tell.


@wartski, you are correct that the chime is implemented as a toggle. Probably the simplest thing to do would be to implement a virtual switch and then control the switch via generic scheduling app, such as the default Smart Lighting app. I haven’t tried using Webcore so don’t know if there is something more straightforward in that approach.

@njaslyr, the other option is to simply rename the alarm device handler to something less obvious than “alarm”. You can name it nearly anything you want, as long as you can remember it. For example, you could name it “Trespasser Interuptus”. That would be difficult to guess unless you live in Hogwarts. :slight_smile: