AD2Pi Installed With Vista20P, Now What?

My home had a Vista20P installed when I moved in. I do not know the alarm code or anything.

I just installed the AD2Pi network device, as advised on these forums, so I can use my smartthings hub to use the sensors already installed in my house. I can get to the webapp from the AD2Pi. Now what do I do? How do I get smartthings to find this device?

I am a little lost. What am I missing? I scanned with smartthings and it didn’t find any devices,

Do I have to do this for it to work?

Ok, so I went ahead and started doing this. I am a bit stuck.

I followed the instructions as its stated to install the device handler and such. I created several of the items but when it says to select location, it didnt show me any options on the right. If I hit the “my locations” button at the top of the screen, I see a location called “home”, which is what I created and seems to be associated to my smart things device.

So it looks like the new alarmdecoder stuff (handler, smartapp) are not associated with my smartthings hub or something? If I go to the URL in the github instructions, I see the alarmdecoder stuff I just entered. If I click on my “home” location, I see other smartapps, like the “core” smartapp.

What am I missing? Did I mess up somewhere?

You may have better luck posting to this thread that is specific to your appliance: