Alarm Decoder Integration Broke After 19.20 Update

Hi, all.

Is anyone having problems with AD2Pi integration after the January 13 update (19.20)?

I used to be able to tell Alexa to turn on/off my alarm and had routines I used to arm/disarm my system. This is a critical function for me and would appreciate any guidance.

Thanks in advance!


It looks like SmartThings is receiving the commands and sending them to the AD2Pi.

One more update:

Looks like this is not a SmartThings issue at all. The logs on the AD2Pi show it did not receive any of the commands ST sent to it.

When I logged in to the AD2Pi, I noticed it had a pending update so I did it. I also noticed it wasn’t reading the alarm state at all. After the update, I rebooted the AD2Pi and everything worked again. My concern is that yesterday when things were broken, I also rebooted the AD2Pi which cleared up the error, apparently only temporarily, though.

I guess we will see what happens later today.