ACTIVE vs ONLINE in Developer Interface

What is the difference in these two types of device status? I have installed several dozen Leviton Z-Wave switches and dimmers. They are all VRMX1-1LZ but a small number report their status as “ACTIVE” while the broad majority report it as “ONLINE.” They are all assigned the device type of Dimmer Switch. They all show an MSR of 001D-0602-0334 but I do notice that the ones that report as ACTIVE show an endpoint id as 0 in the Data field while the ones reporting as ONLINE show a Manufacturer field there as “Leviton.”

Anyway, it doesn’t seem to affect behavior. Frankly, the only thing I can figure is that the ones that show as ACTIVE are my earliest installed devices, months apart from the more recent ones which show as ONLINE. In fact, a couple previously installed GE outlets also show as ACTIVE. Maybe a change in the Hub firmware which caused this difference.

Any thoughts?

ACTIVE was an older method ST was using for device health, and now ONLINE/OFFLINE is being used. There’s a thread or two somewhere in the Community where that’s discussed.

Thanks. Odd that the status remains for my older devices vs. being changed to ONLINE. Will look for the other thread you mention.

Yes, ST stated this would be the case for a while but eventually all would move over.