What makes a DeviceType "ACTIVE" or "INACTIVE"?

I’ve got a custom DeviceType, and sometimes it shows ACTIVE and sometimes it shows INACTIVE in the web dashboard. What makes a device active? It seems to be very random to me. I’ve also never seen a LastActivityTime value.

I heard somewhere not he forum that they were going to remove these tags eventually.

You can ignore them.

Active and inactive Columms are pretty much useless in there as claimed by support on several occasions and with talk of removing them too so as not to confuse users.

Hope this is true. I was trying to track down if this was causing another issue I’m having. For now I’ll assume you’re correct and just ignore.

Thank you for asking the question. I have been wondering the same thing :grinning:

@ben @tyler @urman can confirm. I am pretty sure. They do not mean anything even though you will see the state changed there in the IDE “at times”. It has caused me lots of heartache earlier when I thought it reflected the correct status and unnecessarily did network repairs, recycled hub etc. I still do have a feeling that “some” devices from my modest 50 now does reflect the right status but that is just speculating.

well I get tons of alarms in the notification and each time it is because of the door open/close sensor is becoming inactive.

I am wondering what causes this and how this can be fixed as it is annoying, as it has nothing to do with a real alarm that would be like door is open