Accidentally connected Hue bulb directly to ST Hub

2 reasons:

1- I already have 2 Philips remotes (one in bedroom and one in living room) which will be useless if I connect bulbs directly.
2- As far as I know; Hue bulbs are acting as repeaters ONLY when they are connected to Hue bridge

I see. Are you sure you cant connect the hue switches to the ST hub? I could have sworn this was possible.

yes; I also thought that it would be possible.
But I couldn’t make them work.

I have a thread here for this :

When Hue bulbs are connected to the hue bridge, they repeat only for the others ZLL devices associated with that specific bridge. They essentially form their own mini network.

When Hue bulbs are connected directly to the SmartThings hub without the bridge, they switch to the ZHA profile and repeat for any other ZHA devices associated directly with the SmartThings hub.

Philips “Living Color” devices are using a different protocol and are not compatible with the Hue bridge.

so you say “get rid of the Philips bridge and have fun” :slight_smile: ?

But I need a solution to add my Philips remotes as remote controllers to the ST hub then…
any ideas ?

Also, can I use the Lutron remote as a remote controller to ST ?

I can control my Hue bulbs with the Livingcolors remote when they are connected to the Hue bridge.
I believe they use a compatible protocol.

(well, I actually paired my Livingcolors remote to my Hue bridge)

If it works for you, great. Philips says they are not intended to be compatible.

There are different generations of Livingcolors.
Gen2 and Gen3 are compatible. See here:

Cool. Not sure they’re guaranteed to keep working, but if it works for your needs, that’s what matters. :sunglasses:

yep. it works for more than 2 years now.

but can I make them work with the ST hub ?

or can I make Lutron to work with ST Hub as a remote controller ?

Ask in the Lutron device handler thread link to above, those are the people who will know.

So I have a bunch of Hue Stuff, 3 BR30s 2 Blooms 2 Iris and probably 5 or 6 bulbs. The issue I have with running them through the hub is that it takes 15 seconds if I use rules engine to turn on/off hue items based on a switch being turned on or off. This may be rules engines delay, but I have other things setup on it and it doesn’t take anywhere near as long. I’m really tempted and would really like to put my HUE stuff onto my ST v2 Hub directly.

I’m trying to connect a hue bulb directly to my v2 hub.
Cannot seem to do it.
How did you guys do it?

hmm so what are the ways to reset bulbs connected to ST so that I can connect to hue bridge? the reason for hue bridge is the hue disco which i can play the sound to have disco effect on the lights. i doubt ST can do that.

There’s this way if the bulb is on ZLL but since it’s with ST then it’s ZHA.

And the easy way with this Lutron remote.

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can this work as well? do i just need to go nearby and press the buttons and it will reset automatically? i think need to get this remote working first right? but how can i get it working? i don’t think is it a zigbee remote right?

I bought one of these specifically for resetting, I accidentally discovered that the Luton smart products are bullet proof and VERY reliable (in my experience, much more so than even ST) so I ended up buying more specifically for light control.

This post will have some info on the remote you posted.

Like @zonomo, I went with the Lutron since it’s super easy to do and pricing is decent on Amazon. If you could find it at HomeDepot. It’s on clearance for less than $10.