FAQ: Exact remote needed to reset Hue bulbs? (UK)

I agree that they should work with the generic Zigbee dimmer. Based on the raw description being missing, I suspect the initial join didn’t complete fully causing the devicetype code that pulls the endpointId dynamically to fail. It simply can’t find the endpointId properly, which is why the hardcoded endpoint works.

I’ve seen it happen in several threads with unsupported Osram lights and a report of the Kudle hue clone. Unfortunately, ST support understandably won’t be much help because the devices are not officially supported. Usually the users have reported trying to reset and pair again with no success, so I’m happy to try and get someone that works even if it’s not ideal.

@ktsi and @kjj1978, if you’re able and inclined to try, I would suggest you reset your bulbs and pair them again very close to your hub to see if you get a better join. Then see if the Raw Description gets populated and the generic device handler works. You can always fall back to this code again,

Hi there!

I have one Hue white bulb that is currently connected to Hue hub.
I will attempt later on today to reset it as well and connect it to ST hub.

Note however that when I was trying to connect (already have logs - need to get back home first) the two Hue bulbs I was doing that with the hub almost touching the bulb, so distance was no issue.

Do you want these logs?

BTW, i have this screenshot of the “thing” device handler.

I have ordered some more bulbs which should arrive reset so will try your suggestion, either way I’m happy now I can connect them and they seem to function ok.

I’m interested to hear if @ktsi has any success resetting his bulbs, if he does I will purchase the remote. I have no intention of getting the hue bridge, but at some point I can guarantee I will need to replace / upgrade my hub and will need some way of migrating the bulbs over to the new one.

Hey Kev,

What i know is that the philips remote can steal bulbs from the hue hub (zigbee lightlink) and reset them so that the ST hub (zigbee HA 1.2) can see them.

As far as i am aware (i am just saying what i have read), this particular remote cannot steal the bulbs from the ST hub. So if you pair them to the ST hub you are stuck there forever.

Unless you use a special daughterboard (xBee) for a raspberry pi and install the right software. In that case you can reset the bulbs at will and make them available for either the hue or the ST hub.

I think I might do without the remote for now then. I don’t actually need it at the moment, I just don’t want to go and buy a load of Philips Hue bulbs and then have my hub need to be replaced for whatever reason and then have a load of bulbs that are no longer smart.

I might investigate the Raspberry PI option for a more reliable method of resetting, you never know, Smartthings or someone on here may develop a way of doing it through the IDE or app…

I have the remote from this product:

But it does not help resetting my bulb to ZL profile.
How does the remote here differ from it ?

I have this remote and I used it to"steal" hue bulbs from the hue hub. I do not think it can be used if you want to steal bulbs from the ST hub.

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Hi, don’t know whether this helps but…

I have 4 Hue Lux White bulbs - 3 were connected to the Hue hub and 1 directly connected to ST

My ST Hub failed and had to be replaced, this meant everything had to be reconnected to the new hub

I bought one of the remotes (pictured above), reset every bulb, omitted the Hue hub and paired them all to ST

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which one you mean ?
the one from the living colors aura or the bigger one with more buttons.
because for the bigger one I read on this thread that it can be used to reset hue bulbs (like the Lutron remote)

This is the one

Took 3 bulbs away from the Hue Bridge

One bulb was paired to the ST hub that was broken and returned
The remote reset the bulb and I just paired to the new ST hub

I believe @mrmrmrmr is asking about options for resetting a hue bulb which has already been connected directly to the smartthings hub so that it can be used once again with a hue bridge.

Here’s the challenge:

The smartthings hub uses the ZHA profile.
The Hue bridge uses the ZLL profile.
ZLL runs on a subset of the channels that ZHA can run on.
The SmartThings hub is set to one specific zigbee channel at the factory and cannot be changed after that.

Say your SmartThings hub uses channel 14. That is used by the ZHA, but is not used by ZLL.

If you connect a hue bulb directly to your hub, it will also get set to zigbee channel 14. Since that is not a ZLL channel, it may not be able to talk to any other ZLL devices.

The Lutron remote is unusual in that it can reset a bulb on any of the channels. It’s not limited to just the ZLL ones.

I don’t know for sure, but it’s possible that the Hue living colors remotes are using ZLL. The ones that do connect to the Hue bridge would pretty much have to be.

That might mean that usung the Living colors remote to reset bulbs would work for some people, but not for others, just depending on which zigbee channel each person’s hub was on.

Your smartthings zigbee channel is listed in the IDE. If it happens to be 15 or 20, for example, those are channels that are used by both ZHA and ZLL. So it’s likely that there are more devices that could be used to reset the bulb. But if your hub is set to channel 14, there are only a few devices that can reset it. The Lutron remote is one, and the German device mentioned above is another.

I don’t know for sure which protocol the living colors remote control is using. But you might want to check your own hub zigbee channel just in case that is an issue.

@sticks18 or @johnr could say more.


Ah… thanks for the clarification

I’m sorry, I never tried to reset the bulb that was paired to the defunked ST Hub then see if would pair again with the Hue Bridge

I was just pleased I could get them back after losing the ST Hub

For interest purposes only, I wished I’d have tried it now and see if it did

I would love to say more but you nailed it 100%! The sad thing this has been a problem for several years now. You would think by now Phillips would have put some type of on / off reset to factory command sequence in their bulb’s firmware.

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I know I’m going to hijack a thread here, but its on the same theme.

So we know if you connect a Hue bulb to a ST it lock it in… but does it do the same if you connect a hue bulb to a hue hub?

What happens lets say if the Hue hub releases the magic blue smoke and no longer operate before you have chance to unpair the bulbs? Would you be in the same position of the bulb being locked?

You’re a little better off because there are more devices that can reset the bulb. That’s because a hue bulb connected to a hue bridge is definitely using a ZLL frequency. So you can use a touchlink or bulb stealer method to move it to a New ZLL network, Like a different Hue bridge.

aah, so as long as you have another ZLL box, its easier to ‘reset’, or re-assign.

Edit: Just googled the method… think I will continue to avoid Hue and carry on using Wemo and other alternatives!


I just checked my Zigbee channel.
ST Hub is at channel 24
Hue bridge is at channel 20

So, what are my chances ?
Only get the Lutron ?

Btw, how do I reset the bulb when I get the Lutron ?
Should I set the Lutron to channel 24 first ? How is it done ?

IIRC, the ZLL channels are 11, 15, 20 and 25.

So if your SmartThings hub is on 24, any bulbs directly attached to it will have been switched to 24, and the normal ZLL methods like touchlink won’t work.

You’ll have to use a “Lutron connected bulb remote” (that’s a specific device with that name, not just any Lutron remote). Or the German device mentioned above.

this one right ?

when I get it , how do I set it to reset my bulbs ?


I’d like to repeat my question since I couldn’t get an answer…
Please help me with the above…