Accidentally connected Hue bulb directly to ST Hub


I accidentally connected Hue bulb directly to ST Hub.
How can I remove it from STHub and reconnect to Hue Bridge ?

I know this is a tough subject and discussed several times in other threads.
But it seems to be a device is existing for this purpose. What is that device and how can I get it ?

If there is an easier way (without the device) found recently, please let me know also.


Are you in the US? If so, probably the easiest way is to get the Lutron connected bulb remote. It can reset individual bulbs. You can get this at Home Depot for $30. (note that although the lutron device can be paired to the smart things hub, it will not stay paired. So you won’t be able to use it as a remote with the SmartThings system unless you’re willing to keep pairing it again every few days. But you will be able to use it to factory reset individual bulbs.)

If you are in Europe, there are also some devices that can do it, but they cost a bit more. For UK information, see the following thread:


Thanks for your reply.

If that’s possible with a zigbee remote controller, then why ST hub does not do it ?
It could be easily implemented if the ST devs would deal with it. am I wrong ?

Btw, I also have Philips Livingcolors remote. Would it be possible to use it for resetting purpose ?

About Lutron;
it seems to be a nice and cheap solution. But I am not in the US.
However, I could try to get it through Ebay.
Why doesn’t it stay paired to ST Hub ? (if it did , I would have more motivation to get it :slight_smile: )

Btw, I found it also in Amazon which sends to my country.

Now I am looking for more motivation to have it shipped :slight_smile:
Would it at least keep controlling my Hue bulbs after resetting (when they are connected to my Hue bridge) ?

FYI Hue bulbs will work directly with the ST hub. No need to use the bridge.

Why so complicated? Why not simply “remove” (from ST) and do a reset? Are philips leds that complicated that a simple on/off X 5 does not work??

Philips Hue bulbs require a touchlink reset, which the ST hub cannot do. They do not use a blink reset procedure.


And I’m sitting here wondering why I’m using the hue bridge ? Is their a good reason ?

yeah, there is a good reason which I learnt today after my mistake:
they can be controlled with Philips remotes (living colors or Hue remote) when they are connected to Hue bridge.
that way I can turn all of them (or a group of them) with one button.


The OP already has the bulbs connected directly to the SmartThings hub. The question was about removing it from the ST Hub and moving to a Hue bridge.

You will find many threads discussing this issue, because the smart things hub does not support the ZLL profile. It only supports the ZHA profile.

When A Hue bulb is attached to the Hue bridge, it uses the ZLL profile. If instead you connect it directly to a smartthings hub, it will change to the ZHA profile.

For most brands of bulbs, that is not a problem because the individual bulb can be factory reset using a “blink method” where you turn the individual bulb on and off power rapidly in a specific pattern, and then it resets itself.

Phillips chose not to do that for their bulbs, perhaps because they were concerned about children playing with a light switch accidentally resetting the bulb. (It can happen.) Their intent was that their bulbs only be used with the Zll profile, and it is possible for a bulb associated with one ZLL network to be transferred to a different ZLL network using the “touch link” or “bulb stealer” method.

However, the ZLL methods do not work with a bulb using the ZHA profile, because in that profile there is a network coordinator, and that coordinator’s information is stored in the device at the time of pairing. It has to be reset before the bulb can be moved to a different Coordinator. Beyond that, if you want to move to A ZLL network, the bulb has to be reset to use the ZLL profile.

All of this is why the official SmartThings position is that you should only use hue bulbs that are attached to a hue bridge. The smart things hub cannot reset anything to A ZLL profile. It doesn’t use that profile. And unlike Crees,
Osrams, and GEs, Hue brand bulbs cannot be individually reset with a blink method.

Hence the need for an additional device that can force the bulb to reset to the ZLL profile.

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I’ve also read that these are able to reset Hue bulbs:

If that’s correct, I can get it easily (and it is cheaper)

I tried with my controller here:

It doesn’t work.
I don’t have any idea about the difference. Do you know ?

I don’t know. Ask in the UK thread linked to above, someone there may know.

About Lutron: Why doesn’t it stay paired to ST Hub ? How long would it stay paired ?

Actually I am also looking for a remote control solution to ST Hub.
Today I tried my Livingcolors remote but it was not found by the ST hub.
(then I accidentally added my hue bulb to ST)

@JDRoberts This is what formed my answer. His comment implies that it was by accident. He never indicates that its actually working.

You can do this using the Lutron remote. The lutron remote allows them to remain connected to ST hub as well.

Here’s the device handler thread for the Lutron remote. My understanding is that it’s still “mostly working” for most people. Smartthings staff do say in that thread that they are working on an official version of the device handler for the Lutron remote, but it hasn’t been released yet.

Yeah its working near perfect for me. The only issue is when turning off the lights via the remote, when they turn on from ST they are dimmed down.

If you use your hue bulbs with smartthings, whether they are connected directly or through the hue bridge, you can use any smartthings “button controller” as a remote for them. The most popular is probably the aeon minimote, which is available on both UK and US frequencies.

You can use each button for pretty much anything smart things can do, including controlling a group of bulbs together, mixing bulbs with other types of devices like pocket sockets or fan switches, running a routine or rule, etc.

I didn’t understand the problem with Lutron remote.

I understand that it can reset my hue bulb which is connected to ST accidentally (ZHA). And then I will be able to use it with my Hue bridge again (ZLL)
Is this correct ?

Then the remote will be useless , or shall I be able to use it as a remote for ST ?
Can I use it as a button/remote device ?
What is not working (not perfectly working) ?


Curious. Why dont you want to just connect the bulbs directly to the ST hub? You essentially removing another fail point.

thanks. But if I get the Lutron remote, I would like to have use of it instead of getting another remote as you suggest.
so I’m looking for opportunities…
what can I use Lutron for ?