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I’ve been a ST user for about a month now and in general I like your product. But I’ve got one big complaint (unfortunately, it’s the same complaint that I have about most tech products today): your USER documentation is basically nonexistent. You have bits and pieces of how to use ST scattered around your website but there isn’t any place that a (non-technical) user can go to to find out what he needs to know to get the maximum return on the investment that ST requires.

Just one example: you have a very nice list of SmartApps and some pretty good instructions for creating same. But I can’t find anywhere that tells me how to install one of these SmartApps on my Hub.

And a second: right now I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to pair a Scalage FE599 lockset to my system. I just happened to stumble across an “Application Note”, buried at the bottom of the SmartSetup portion of your control App. There was nothing that I could find anywhere on your site or otherwise that told me what I needed to do to initiate the pairing process from the lockset end of the equation. Had I not scrolled all of the way down in that Setup screen and then wondered what an Application Note was, I would not have found the instructions that I need to get my lock working (which it isn’t).

You have a great product and service. And some really good support people. But like so many companies out there today, you aren’t giving your users the info that they need to really receive the full advantage of what you offer.

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Thanks Mike - I am not sure how I missed this. Sorry.

Have you seen our support pages? There is a lot of info on there including:


OK, I just want a simple solution to a simple request, please. When I arrive, I would like my presence to be detected and then my front lights to be turned on but only during the night time hours. One would think this would be easy to do, but I’ve tried Core and some other automation but can’t find anything that works reliably. My phone is a presence device and my front lights have a smart switch, so the elements are in place but not the logic.

Any suggestions would be welcome…


I am brand new to the ST community and I’m trying to find out where I can get a list (by category) of all community created smartapps? Many thanks everyone and happy holidays!


Smart lighting… i have a fibro motion and light sensor which switchs on the bath room light when its under 30 lux and of 2 min after motiin stops… but the room is over 30lux with the light on so the off bit dosnt run. Any advice??

Looking for an easy way to sense when a door has been left open at sunset, i.e. using the door sensor switch. I can find a way when the door switch changes state…opens or closes. But not when “nothing” has happened, i.e. the door is just open and I’d like to know that it is open, let’s say, after it gets dar,.

Have you tried Stringify? This is what I used for just about everything. In Stringify you would just say [if motion is detected] [when it is night time] [turn on front lights]. It would take you seconds to do this. You could then extend it to turn off the front lights 15 minutes later or if no motion has been detected for 30 minutes etc.

Im trying to set up a simple automation. I want the smartthing to run a scene when im home and a different scene when I’m away. In addition to running those scenes, I set the automation to notify me when the scene ran. It seems to be either working completely backwards, or not at all. When I leave and am gone for hours I never get a notification that scene has run, but as soon as I return, I get the notification that I am now away. Similarly, it hold true for when Im home. Iv’e been home for two hours now. As soon as i got home I got a notification I was away. And as of this writting, the system still hasnt recognized Im home. Currently, my phone is within 3 feet of one of my 3 smartthing hubs. I see it is connected to one of those hubs via the plume app, but the scene associated with my being away from home is still running. I have checked the automation several times in the edit mode to ensure i didnt set it up wrong but it seems to be correct.

How to set automation for a thermostat should be OFF if and only if a door (Multipurpose sensor) is opened for more than one minute and it should be ON if and only if the door (Multipurpose sensor) is closed for more than one minute.

Hello. Im new to smartthings but I am a bit of a gadget geek.

I plan on replacing my downstairs entrance hall lights with a setup that triggers my hall lights to come on when i get home and also lets me use wall stitches and Amazon Echo for the same lights.
I have no-neutral wire to the light switches so i was considering the following setup.

2x Tradfri GU10 lights for the hall
1x Tradfi E14 bulb for the porch
1x Aqara Wireless Smart Light Switch 1-button WXKG03LM (first hall end)
1x Aqara Wireless Smart Light Switch 2-button WXKG02LM (other end of my hall and outside porch light)

From research on here that the Tradfri is integrated in the Smartthings environment but the Aqara switch require a DH.

  1. can i use the 2 (1 button + half the 2 button) Aqara switches as 2 way control?
  2. will there be a delay in switch on from the buttons?
  3. How well does my smartphone work as an auto trigger to switch on the hall and porch light when i get home via geolocation?

Best Regards

1 i use Xiaomi button (single) as a toggle ie press on, press again for off
2 general delay for me is 1-2 seconds, if you can find a localy supported button this might be quicker
3 depends on how often and where you are, i have my geo pressesn set quite wide, about 1 mile diamter, so that it pick me up befor i get home (not me but the GF pixel 2 seam slow) , i would sugest this it trial and error making it bigger when it hasnt regestered you arive but your home

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Thanks for the reply Mark but the 2 way use is not clear.

I want to be able to use a switch at each end of the hallway. Let’s call them end A and end B.

If i switch the light on by the switch at end A and then walk to end B, would a press of end B switch off the light again?

Best regards

Two buttons set to toggle would work because they are boggling the state of the light not them selfs

Newbie here: Custom Automation needed

Looking to turn on/off a outlet 2x a day based on a unique schedule (basically going to use a tide chart), Want to turn on 2 hours before High tide and shut off 2 hours before low tide (tide changes by about 1 hour every day, so cannot use a set time) , Will need to do for about 60 days duration.

Any suggestions or sample apps I can use to get started ?

Thanks in advance,

you could use a single on off time variable and get it to repeat every 11 hours, then now and again nip in and correct it?

I want to use Automation section from the New App in order to achieve the following:

  1. Change the color temperature to 2700 kelvin if the time of the day changes to Sunset, when a SmartLight is switched on
  2. I don’t want to create a rule for every Smart bulb, or for every room.

What I did was the following:

The issue is, when one SmartLED is switched to ON, the others will be switched to on also.
Is this a logic issue, or how can I achieve something like: when the a LED is switched to ON, to get the color temperature regardeless of the room, and not to switch other LED’s to on.


did you set up location services on your mobile to be “always” allowed?
I have both routines set up and can send you screenshots if you need them.

I am quite new to ST. But I am trying to build a security alarm system with Samsung Motion sensors & Multipurpose sensors among other sensors.

Question 1:

I am trying to work out the following automated routine.

When SmartApp, “Smarthing Home Monitor” status is set to “OUT” under security tab and one of the sensors is activated. Then the Siren must be turned on.

But I do not get it.

Because under the conditions I only get 2 options.

  1. All conditions must be met

  2. At least 1 condition must be met

My problem is that I need 2 levels of conditions.

Is there anyone who can help me with this?

It is unlikely if no one else has experienced this situation.

Question 2:

How can I download more SmartApps?

Thanks in advance.