Abode WiFi HaLow Camera

WiFi HaLow…


I wonder if this will catch on. It would certainly solve a lot of the current range issues with Wi-Fi cameras.

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Good question! I hadn’t heard of it until the Verge article popped up in one of my Omnivore feeds

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Just to avoid confusion… Although this camera has “edge“ in its name, at the time of this writing, it is not compatible with SmartThings and no indication that it ever will be. :disappointed_relieved:

This post first appeared in a topic about the future of Z wave, but I moved it to its own thread. It looks like a nice device, but at the present time the only integration between abode and smartthings is via IFTTT, and it’s pretty limited.

Definitely a number of people working on improved battery life for Wi-Fi devices. The Shelly Wi-Fi sensors, which do have a smartthings integration, have quite a good battery life, A great improvement over the typical Wi-Fi sensor. :sunglasses:


Saw this referenced in some CES 2024 videos, I had been experimenting with two HaLow modules as a network bridge. Power consumption, as such, doesn’t lend all that well for battery power, but the range is good. I’m still experimenting.

The cameras, if they can actually maintain for months will shake things up, in my opinion, considering the transmission distance.

I would expect to see some routers offerings to include 802.11ah (900mhz), anyway.

I’m kind of excited about it all.


Tell us more after you have tested this out. I’m also very interested in this and would love to know how it works out for you, including the distance between the hub and the camera!

Well, my expectation was that with these modules, being powered, on the remote end, by a 5v USB power bank, and hoping, ultimately, a solar powered battery bank. I would power also power an IP cam to overcome the 900ft distance.


The only review is from me>

In my testing I connected one module to the LAN port of my internet router, with the other module connected to the WAN port of a GL.iNet GL-AR300M travel router. The second module and the travel router were being powered by a USB a 8000mah power bank (although this setup requires a USB to 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel adapter to power the HaLow device from the USB power bank).

With one Halow module inside my home, by a window, and the other in my truck I was able to receive a usable data connection up to about 400 feet, through many trees, although the leaves are off, being winter, but some pine trees, as well. I believe if the inside unit were mounted outside, the range would have been extended substantially.

I estimate the power bank would power the roaming HaLow module and travel router for around 6 hours (maybe better or worse depending on how much data is transmitted), although, in this scenario, they could just as easily be powered from the vehicle, with a double USB adapter.

So, in my case it works well for roaming around the property, where I otherwise wouldn’t have connectivity. A lot of possibilities, just don’t expect the modules to be easily sustained long-term on battery power absent a substantial DC power source. If you have AC power on both ends, it’s just a matter of experimenting with placement and maybe a better antenna, as line-of-sight would maybe come close to 1 kilometer.

Honestly, as it is, if I were powering the remote module alone, with the 8000mah power bank, minus the travel router, I might get 2 days maximum. Not terrible… but without a LAN device on the other end, it serves no purpose.

I have to assume that these bridge modules have no power saving implemented at all. No way to configure them other than pairing them together, that I know of. I’m gonna mount the receiver outside and maybe upgrade the antenna, and play around a bit more.

Although there is a camera and receiver combination, that I was temped to try out before I saw the Abode/Morse Micro interview at CES. figuring I’ll save my money for a refined offering.

Sounds promising with regards to IOT, Morse Micro and Quectel appear to be making some moves.

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I wish I could get this range with my Ring cameras. I have Ruckus R650s mounted in plastic boxes with fans on all four sides of my house outside, and everything works great except for the Ring cameras. At about 30 to 40 ft in line of sight of the access point, they start to get iffy!

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i know what you mean. I max out at best at 150 feet with my Ring cams. I am definitely interested to get my hands on Abode’s offering. Apparently will be available within the next few months.

If it stands up to the hype, I can’t imagine others not responding in kind.

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I saw it at CES and agree it looks interesting. I wonder if the upcoming Blink Sync Module Pro also uses HaLow? It was announced at Amazon’s fall event and also has “extended” range, but only with the Blink Outdoor 4.

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According to some things I have read, Blink uses a proprietary LFR (Long-Range) 900 MHz radio, and Halow also uses 900 MHz, so probably their own proprietary version of it.

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Why use a standard when you can re-engineer the wheel and make your own :joy: