Ability to monitor power usage on outdoor switch?

I have an exterior sump pit and would love to find a way to know when the pump has kicked on. Are there any exterior zwave outlets that report their power usage in a way that I could capture this in WebCore? Can anyone otherwise think of a way that I could sense that current is being drawn?

The outlet itself is in a waterproof box but it will be exposed to cold temperatures.

I will leave it to others to discuss details, but this zwave plus device is popular:

Manufacturer’s Page:

If the goal is just to know that the sump pump is on, you might be able to get away with a vibration sensor. Plenty of those available.

You said the outlet is exposed to the cold though and if the sensor would be too, then you might end up changing batteries more frequently than you’d like.


Back to JD’s approach, the unit he linked is well suited for heavier duty applications as it’s 40 amp rated. Make sure that your outlet and smart plug/switch/outlet are up to the task of the job. Without knowing what the specs of the pump/motor are and what the temperature range of the application is, we’re filling in the details with guesses. :slight_smile:

Most regular outlets are 15A rated (some 20A), but smart devices vary quite a bit - with some only being 10A - so that’s something to consider.

The Aeotec Nano Switch is good for regular duty applications at 15A and has power metering built in:

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The switches are helpful but the pump is actually controlled by a float switch already. I want to know when it’s running, so I know it’s running periodically, but I don’t need to actually control the power to it. I also want to put in a high water alarm…perhaps I could rig a vibration sensor and a water sensor to power off a power supply instead of batteries.

As far as temperatures go, it’s normal ambient temperature in Northern VA. So 10 degrees to 95 or so most years.

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Hi there - rehydrating this thread. I have an identical requirement - want to monitor power draw on the Sump Pump outlet to ensure it is operating as i have a sump deep in a backyard pit that is required to run all year long to prevent ground water from pushing the pool liner out. The pump gave way this spring and had a nasty liner repair. Since it is covered pit it is really hard to verify it is running.