Two way communication with HomeSeer?

I have an extensive Homeseer (and Cinemar MainLobby) installation. Homeseer has no native support for Zigbee so I have been using a Wink through IFTTT. This is painful, especially as the response time on IFTTT these days can run from seconds to hours.

I just purchased a Smart Things hub and intend to use it for Zigbee control and anything else it does well.

I have been trawling through the threads and see a number of options to get the two controllers talking but in order to save time I thought I would post here and see if the community experts could jump in and direct me down the quickest path. I have no experience with the Smart Things hub yet - it arrives tomorrow. But I am guessing that JSON is going to be the easiest way to mirror device status in both systems? Thanks in advance for all of your help.

Hi Simon,
how did you get on with the above, did you find a solution?
Please let me know


There’s a fairly recent (December 2018) project in the Homeseer forums on doing just this. :sunglasses:

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thanks, looks interesting.

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If I read this correctly it allows for the setting of devices in SmartThings. Not the other way around? I am also interested in having SmartThings set devices in Homeseer. Specifically for using some of the unique features such as geofencing and Zigbee devices.