WebCore Piston Help

I have installed & have 2 pistons running all is good.
Now I want to play with creating my own piston but can not find the page.
(working on my PC & I have registered a browser)
From the web page

It then goes to this

If I click on Webcore Dashboard I get this page

If I click Dashboard on my phone

I get this

On none of them do I see a place to where I can go to create a new piston. I am missing something?

The page I am trying to get to is this one

This is from the other day when I had it open. Today can not figure out how to find it

The link says “add a piston”.

On the mobile view they are hidden in the hamburger menu. It is in the top right. Looks like 3 bars or a hamburger.


I see that now on the mobile.