A/V gear not reporting status

(Glen King) #1

For both the Bravia tv and Devon AVR, the device on/off and other functions work fine.
However, it seems neither device is reporting it’s on/off status unless ST is used to turn them on and off.

Not a big deal as I use Alexa to operate them, but it would be nice if ST could report their status.

(Michael) #2

Glen, neither of these devices are officially supported by SmartThings. They are community created device handlers/integrations. I would suggest adding a reply to those specific posts to let the developer know and maybe they or others using it can help you.

(Morgan) #3

My guess, is the device handlers will need some type of polling of status for them to report status correctly.

(Jeffrey) #4

Lookup Pollster or use core - you need something to automate refreshing/polling the status

(Glen King) #5

Pollster did it for the Denon, but not for the Bravia. Tried the REST endpoint, no go.
Odd since the Bravia device driver itself works very well.

Like I said, not crucial at all… but would be nice. Been resisting CORE, but just might go there.

(Jeffrey) #6

Can you refresh from the dth? Seems odd it wouldn’t work. Is it a poll or a refresh?

(Glen King) #7

It’s a poll. I can do it from an HTTP Post command; it will return many status elements, including (of course) whether the device is in ACTIVE or STANDBY mode. I have it written into all of my Tasker commands that operate the tv. But my Things in ST always show the Bravia as OFF.

(Jeffrey) #8

Seems like something wrong with the DTH or the setup? If you can’t refresh from inside the device in the app and get the right status something is wrong