A third massive dropout this month

I live in a 1 bedroom 1 restroom apt which can’t be far-fetched from my hub by any definition, I have less than 100 sensors in total, including WiFi ones and simulated ones.

I consider myself with adequate knowledge in home automation systems.

I do have sensors such as Xiaomi’s that are not officially supported by Smartthings, but my Cree bulbs are also dropping.

I did noticed every time a drop out is happening the Smartthings platform is experiencing upgrades or patches.

At this point I would strongly suggest people stay away from Smartthings as I actively seek alternative home automation solutions.

I just realized my Smart things water sensors also dropped, the device health feature obviously doesn’t support these sensors. This is some life threatening flaw that one cannot tolerate, I recommend everybody reading this test your water sensors now.

I can not log into my app. It is always just logged in but tonight it wants password and email but not logging in. Anyone else having this problem?

If you’re in EU, Smartthings is having a major outage. This is second time this year.

Go to HTTPS://status.smartthings.com for updates.

All of those devices are zigbee. Sounds like you have zigbee mesh issues. WiFi interference, weak mesh, etc.


Hi rolled54.why,

I will check if we can add health check ability to water sensors. Can you please send me the specific sensor you are using.

Software Engineer @ SmartThings


I believe this is the official Smartthings water sensor, you may correct me if I’m wrong.

It has temperature sensor built-in but I don’t think it update periodically.

I strongly recommend you check for wifi interference. Living in an apartment doesn’t help due to all the other wifi signals from your neighbors. Maybe buy more repeaters.

Hi All, i find myself removing more and more things each day now as the stability of the smartthings ecosystem becomes less reliable.

I now replace any failed item with wired KNX devices for my original smart home system which is now 8 years old and never skipped a beat.

I hear KNX now has wireless so im going to try that next. devices are a bit more expensive but they work, with or without cloud and i can access all from internet through my IP gateway.

im not giving up on smartthings yet as i like the idea of a community that supports so many different devices , but i also now realized that KNX is similar but more robust and of course more expensive.

I guess smartthings needs to decide if its a hobby / toy system or the real deal.

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It is getting bad. This can’t be good for their push to get the new product running… except that, aside from the ST staff themselves, no one in Samsung really gives a hoot.

Same problem here… looks loke it’s related to ST outage

@rolled54.Why, i checked the above sensor and looks like Device Health is enabled for that specific one unless I’m missing something. Are you using a custom DTH by any chance? If you want I can dig into the events from ur device. You can email me more info to arun.rao@smartthings.com

What do you mean by this?

Did you get your zigbee network back online ?

I’m trying to. By pairing them again.

Hi, I was wrong, it actually didn’t drop off, or maybe it reconnected on its own, the alarm went off 20 minutes later when I was having launch.

This is even more confusing, as the Smart Home Monitor is supposed to run locally, where is the delay coming from? I’m in US so I’m not supposed to get the performance impact at that moment.

Today when I try to turn on my Osram bulbs using Osram Sylvania dimmer switch, the lights was not on until 15 seconds later…

How far if you hub from your WiFi router? How many zigbee repeating devices do you have?

Finally I had to re-pair all my devices one by one :frowning:

I would like to report that Smartthings stuff helped me pin point the problem to Cree bulbs that are too sensitive to power surge and try to behave as repeater.

The Cree bulbs can lose the connection after abnormal power supply and bring down other sensors with it.

Still this is overly complex and confusing for most users and I think the support documents should mention this.

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