Graphs and charts?

What can be done to visualize data from sensors with smartthings? I see a couple old posts that mostly refer to external sites or using a Linux system…

I’d like to be able to view trends in the data across multiple days/weeks or zoom into one day. Also would like to see multiple sensors/lines/series on one chart.

Does this all have to be done manually, or does ST automatically keep track of historical data from sensors (analog values like temperature and status of binary door sensors for example).


Check out Google sheets smart app…

Google Sheets

You can also check out Initial State, but they do charge for their service I believe.

Initial State


Also Numerous is what I’m using and works well on Android.

I use Initial State, works great. It supports exactly what you are looking for @kevin - very easy to set-up as well.

Numerous announced that they will be discontinuing their service. I was using them also and really liked the simplicity.

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Quick look at InitialState, looks cool. They have 3 plans… free service only has one day of data retention. Standard plan with unlimited data history costs $5 per month. Google Sheets looks better to me from that point of view.

Is there any way to embed these charts in the ST app and/or SmartTiles? Please post screenshots if you have em’ and want to share your setup!

Thanks for the feedback!

i log my sensor data to Super easy to do. They even give you examples how to upload to your channel’s data feed. If you need an example I will clean up one of my SmartApps and post it on Git. You should be able to search and find examples.

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I tried ThingSpeak for a while last summer, it gets pretty slow when working with lots of data. For anyone using ThingSpeak, you might try out to get a dynamic timescale chart. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hi Kevin, over the last few months I’ve implemented logging to Initial State and ThingSpeak.

  • Initial State looks great, and is good for ad hoc analysis, but it’s limited when it comes to creating advanced charts, including putting multiple series on one chart. You have to pay a monthly fee to get a reasonable level of data retention, but it’s one of the easiest solutions to set up.

  • ThingSpeak uses the Matlab engine which means you can define pretty much any type of chart you want, including complex analysis. It’s free, however it’s excruciatingly clunky to use as every series (channel) has to be defined manually. It’s worth looking at if you already know Matlab though.

I’ve also looked at GroveStreams, Xively, Carriots, and 2lemetry but haven’t used them.

At the moment, I’ve decided the best option for me is a DIY solution built from InfluxDB and Grafana. It can seem daunting at first but the balance of power and simplicity wins hands-down.

I’ve just written a step-by-step walk-though of how to set it all up here:



Thanks Z! I will check it out.

i just cant get this to work i get the service to start however i just get a 404 page not found, tried it in a virtual machine and on my pi running ubuntu 16.04 any ideas