A Second Home Location just showed up on its own

I had a second location show up on my hub? I can not delete, I did not create this second location. Interesting enough it had one device my Samsung TV. Does anybody know how to delete this second unwanted location?

Did you add your TV via Samsung Connect or Samsung Smart Home recently?

No in fact my TV/ST quit working when the latest firmware came down from Samsung on my KS800.

Sounds like they may be messing around on the back end. Email support and they can delete the second location.

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This location cannot be deleted, even by support. It is a pain point though so you are welcome to contact support so we can track displeasure over the issue.


What causes this issue? I did not setup or request a second location.

Did you use the Samsung Connect app? That would have created a new location that cannot be deleted.


When we all participated in the Account Migration Beta, a second Home location was added to all of our accounts. And for a couple of weeks we all tried deleting them and couldn’t. Then weeks later someone tried deleting theirs and it worked. I then deleted mine and a handful of others were able to delete them as well. Would Tim have an answer on this as to what freed up that allowed us to get rid of that phantom location?

I did not use the Samsung connect app

They gave you a new location. Merry Christmas from SmartThings!