A new extra Home location showed up in my account today ? ? ! !!

I have two hubs, two locations. (one at each location) One of them is called Home.
Today all the sudden a third location showed up in my account today. It has nothing in it, no apps, no devices, totally empty, but it’s there. It is also called Home.

Did this happen to anyone else today?

Only one hub in mine.

Hi Ken
Thank you. I don’t have an extra hub showing, it’s an extra location that I have showing as of today.

I really have 2 hubs and 2 locations (one hub at each location).

But what happened today a new, third location location showed up with no hub or anything in it.

I am the only one then I guess?
Oh well I just deleted it.

I’ve had an empty location called “Home” show up several times. I finally renamed the real one so I could tell them apart. I’ve deleted it a couple times, but it comes back. So I just ignore it.

I had this happen to me when I first signed into the new app.

I have a separate ‘Home’ show up in my list however my Samsung TV is in that hub while all of my other devices are in the HomeHub (BTW, I only have one physical v2 hub). Not sure why I see two, each with at least one device assigned to each even thought I only have one actual v2 hub.