A Network or Server Error… occurs when using ST app to control tstat

Using latest ST app on iPad/iPhone, I added a RadioThermostat CT32 thermostat. All works fine when running locally at home via wifi. But when I’m away from home, if I try to change temperature using up/down control buttons (or a routine that sets temp), I see a spinning progress gear for about 10 secs, then get error “A Network or Server Error Occurred. Try again later”.

I am seeing correct room temp being reported for tstat - so ST is able to read tstat data. Just can’t seem to write to it. History page does not show any activity for the times that I tried to change temp.

Any tips as how to diagnose/fix?

I just replied to your other post about this issue. If you are able to change the temp when your home from your Ipad or Iphone then you should be able to change it when your out of the house remotely. When your home, your Ipad or Iphone connect to the SmartThings cloud through your home internet connection to change the temp. When your out of the house, the same thing happens, you connect to the SmartThings cloud to change the temp but it uses whatever external internet connection you are using. See the reply I sent to your other post.

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It’s been a long time since I played with ST. I also have Hubitat. I thought ST implements some drivers totally locally, eliminating the need to involve ST servers. Hubitat, OTOH, tended to pride itself on many things running totally locally. I thought ST was trying to close the gap in that regard - but maybe they haven’t yet ?

Yes all the Edge drivers are locally installed on your hub. But you still need to connect to the SmartThings cloud to connect and to control the SmartThings App. There is no local connection to you hub from the AP itself! Everything goes through the SmartThings servers.

Ahhh, disappointing to hear they still haven’t truly localized ST :(. It just makes so much sense to perform everything locally, whenever possible.

I’ll contact ST support to see if they have any troubleshooting advice. All else fails, I’ll get another Hubitat for this house…

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question - can you control other devices when away from home or is this limited to controlling temp on the tstat?

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Good point, I didnt even think about asking him this.

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I don’t have many other devices, other than some Sonos speakers and a Samsung refrigerator and TV. I can see the inside of my refrigerator (has 3 cameras), and I am able to change refrigerator temp.

And the HISTORY screen for the tstat does show temperature readings - but only when the temperature has changed…

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I had also linked the Google service within ST, which allowed me to view camera feed from my Nest Video Doorbell. That also works remotely. Though anytime a sound is detected I get a “front door intrusion “ alert from the ST app. Not the best device integration :slight_smile:

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right now… I hear one local device that can not be controlled and cloud to cloud stuff that can be managed that do not involve your hub.

Figured out the issue: apparently the CT32 tstat was just a bit too far away from the ST hub for reliable/consistent Z-Wave communications. I moved hub from basement to 1st fl (where tstat is) and now everything works properly, even when using cellular Internet on my iphone…

All my other connected devices were wifi (e.g. Samsung refrig and TV). Tstat was the first and only Z-Wave device.

Would be nice if Samsung displayed a more detailed warning message, rather than their generic “network or server error”. Would be FAR more useful to say “communications error: ST hub unable to contact device “…

I find it interesting that when hub was in basement, it did receive periodic temperature updates from this tstat. Perhaps the ST hub has a weaker TX signal compared to tstat’s TX :thinking:

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that’s why in the other post you made about this issue I mentioned distance and putting a smart plug nearby to repeat the signal. Battery Zwave devices go to sleep and if it’s too far from the hub then it never wakes up and misses the message. You should still add a smart plug to your set up if you want it to work consistently!


Good idea - any particular Z-Wave smart plug you’d recommend?

I use GE zwave plugs but it’s been awhile since I purchased one. @JDRoberts may have a better sugestion.

If you’re in North America, I’d probably go with this one while it’s still on sale. Zooz is the house brand for The Smartest House retailer, and they do a good job of providing any needed custom edge drivers for their devices. This is also the latest and greatest Z wave technology, series 800, which means it will have the longest range of available Z wave devices. :sunglasses:

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Thanks, I’ll check it out. Back in 2018 I ordered a dimmer ( Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ Decora Smart 600W Dimmer with Z-Wave Technology) for prior home. Might consider adding latest version of these dimmers…

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Leviton is another good brand. :sunglasses: