A Message from Alex on Platform Improvements and Our Plan Forward


Sorry to hear you’re still having a problem. Please let support know so we can track and triage these less widespread problems. This will help us get to the root cause of your specific case faster.

I have. No answer besides turn off the security feature… I feel terrible because I just talked a friend into buying smart things and here we are with it not working.

You reached out to them after the platform releases? If not, please do again, you can also add me to the ticket. We’ll get you sorted out. :slight_smile:



I removed the sirens from shm earlier tonight. Went to let the dogs out a moment ago and the darn things armed again AND the sirens are added back in. So here we go again, sirens waking up thr whole house. What is going on at smartthings? It’s worse than ever with this rearming issue. These issues do not seem isolated.

Is there going to be refund offered for equipment to turn it back in? I relogged the same tickets (resent the same emails I’ve been sending for months in). I feel beyond cheated in a setup I used to recommend and had fun expanding.

I think the bigger thing to think about is we rely on this for smoke alarms, safety, and even have locks to the house hooked in. How is anyone trusting their home to be connected to a platform that is so wonky right now?

Thanks for the update Alex!

I understand why people here are so upset - my SHM has been acting up quite a bit over the past month. However, overall, I must say that Smartthings is still quite the best HA platform out there for many folks, so just wanted to say thank you for that, and I hope we can keep improving it!

I can’t think of very many home automatiion systems that are
(a) as easy to set up,
(b) work with so many products out of the box,
(c) is easily extensible with a ton of APIs (along with an active dev community that has contributed so many customized apps). Along with a community forum to boot (with Wink you get a shitty Facebook page).

With most HA systems, you can get 2 of the above, but not 3.

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My post was intended as a response to the few people in this thread who asked for an option to pay for PremiumExtraSmartThings.

I’m not interested in making a feasible large scale business for regular consumers. I bought SmartThings as a solution for a very specific consumer - me. They need to sell a lot of hubs to recoup. Good luck! Fix these bugs and you’ll have me as an advocate (and SHM paying customer.)

I bought my SmartThings because on paper Scout is the only alarm company whose HA integration i like. I hope SmartThings will get a cut of my payments to Scout after my trial period. But right now we’re one or two more false alarms from not making it out of the trial period (all of my false alarms have been a result of the SHM false status bug.)

If we get to that point, I’d have no hard feelings if there was a premium version of SmartThings offered, as long as I have a reasonable way to opt out. Let me provide my own back-end is a reasonable way for me to achieve that. And it’s significantly easier for me because I don’t need to worry about scaling my solution.

If ST doesn’t get a % of scout referrals, they should fire their business development manager.

Fine, but let’s stop pretending that they’re giving away the cloud service for free. I paid and (am paying for this, via Scout as you point out.)

Let’s all agree - 1) it’s a young product, 2) it’s not worth paying for yet. Sorry

I agree that it’s a young product and I don’t think anyone in their right mind would pay for this service the way it is right now. I think the sentiment is people would be willing to pay for a STABLE platform with 99.9% uptime such as myself. However, before ST would even entertain this option, it would have to prove it’s reliable first, which it hasn’t done to this point. With as flexible and open at ST is at the moment, stability is all it’s really lacking from a purely technical perspective. From a support perspective, they would need to improve their response times, hours and phone availability as well if they were to charge.


Well I did. Bought the hub + 7 months of Scout + some ZigBee devices package a few months ago. So I don’t want to hear anyone even whisper premium service - I’m paying for it already. Get it working, team.

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There was a lot of criticism on the forums when ST announced this partnership with Scout as most of us veteran community members knew it wasn’t ready for level of maturity. I see that your relative new here, so you were one of the unfortunate ones that probably didn’t see any of this before you committed to your purchase. I know ST was offering a way for some customers to get some sort of money back for the lack of reliability. I would reach out to support via email and inquire.

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Possibly foreshadowing the demise of the cloud for synchronous workloads…

Ummm. No it wasn’t. I didn’t get it. I wonder if it was a state issue :wink:

I also did not receive the email, Which is really strange because i’ve subscribed to the announcements, have 2 shop accounts and a community account…

Same. I have one email account I use for all ST things.

+1 no email here.

Guys, pardon my ignorance, but what returning kits, missing emails and debates about paid services have to do with proposed plan of platform improvements and the plan forward. Can we create new topics for spin-off subjects, and leave this topic open for constructive criticism on what @alex said?!?!


fair enough, I wasn’t complaining about the lack of email, but I do think it’s interesting.

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That’s the old dashboard before they revised it for the Hub v2, at least that’s my understanding.

Thanks for the thoughtful questions and suggestions. In that same spirit of transparency, I do want us to get in a place where we can share more of the roadmap. There are indeed some things coming that I believe will really excite the developers in this community. However, we are lasered in on the basics for you all right now and the roadmap updates will need to wait until you are all feeling good about the progress we have made on reliability and foundational product goodness. It’s my hope that that isn’t far away, and I will keep your suggestion in mind as we make the weekly community updates that I promised over the coming weeks.