Missing Announcement Emails

This topic is to find out who else did not receive the announcement the other day. There have been a few reports of this same phenomenon.

Continuing the discussion from A Message from Alex on Platform Improvements and Our Plan Forward:

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This is the email referenced, But in my case I haven’t received any announcement emails from ST even though I explicitly signed up to receive them. And yes i’ve checked spam…


Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m going to look into how we aggregated the list, and why some of us didn’t get that email.


Is it possible it only went to people who had an open support ticket regarding SHM?

I had to subscribe several times before I started receiving the emails.

“Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter”

I know this was primarily intended for SHM users, not just ones with open tickets.

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I have never submitted a ticket (that must mean I am happy with the way my system works :slight_smile: ).I do use SMH. And I did get the email.


phew! that’s good to see. I know we missed some. Last time I looked into something like this, was when we were doing some offering with the new hub. Checked emails, and cross referenced- some actually didn’t receive emails, but others, definitely were confirmed sent.

:frowning: Something about spam, and archives, and probably from your flood of 1000+ emails, you may have missed it. But, it also can happen to also be the system.

Regardless, of all the iterations sent, Alex’s community message says says all was emailed + more.

That said, I’m just glad that regardless of whether you received an email (which, we’ll still look into!), you’re able to still get updated via Alex’s message via the community boards. It’s probably the best place to get news (and more insight).


I didn’t have an open ticket, but I’ve received the email.

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