A Different Way to Trigger a Valve?

I began the integration of SmartThings maybe over a year ago, and have only in recent time begun seeking full use. i’ve been searching for valve controls to integrate, and all are expensive and not as robust as I’d have hoped. I’m wondering if anyone has used a standard solenoid valve and trigger it using a different type sensor, such as a power switch or outlet? I need to place a small valve from a sink supply feeding a RO filter that in turn feeds faucets and fridge. Just can’t stomach the exorbitant amounts for connected valves, just need a different mindset for connecting something else to a standard solenoid valve.

If the valves you are planning to use just need to have power applied to them, and I assume reverse to close them I would use a AEON Micro switch, not the dimmer version. It acts as a three way when combined with a light switch, but it should be able to handle power to a valve.

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You can go with a motorized valve and a mimolite. Check out this discussion :