8 motion sensors, 1 button, and 1 temp sensor all stopped working within an hour of each other yesterday. Get 500 error when trying to re-add (All Xioami Devices) (23 Nov 2018)

As the title says. I have about 45 devices on Smartthings and everything had been perfect for a while prior to this. Yesterday afternoon, devices started falling off and not responding. Everything that stopped working is a Xiaomi product.

I’ve had these for quite a while and usually I’ll have one motion sensor drop off every 4-6 weeks. A quick re-add using the catchall method and I’m good to go again. This morning, I went to start re-adding devices and I’m having a hard time getting the catchall message to show up in the event log. Typically, I reset the sensor once while the hub is in pairing mode and I’ll get the catchall message to show up first time, every time. Now, I’m having to reset two, three, four times to get the catchall to show.

I got about half of the stuff re-added and I got the following error from the ide.

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
URI: /device/save
Reference Id: 83741c2b-a4fa-4208-9183-d7545906733a
Date: Fri Nov 23 16:47:53 UTC 2018

A couple of months ago, I lost the ability to add devices using the IDE in Google Chrome. This error would pop up every time. Switching to Chrome Incognito mode fixed the problem since then. Today, I got the error in incognito mode. I can no longer add things in Chrome at all. I also tried Edge and I get the same error.

I still have four motion sensors to re-add and I have completely lost the ability to add devices. I would really appreciate any advice. I’m desperate here.

Me thinks the ST web site is being overwhelmed by new device additions… It is BF after all…


Throughout the day, I’ve gotten a total of 12 motion sensors re-added. Twelve of eight. They’ve all fallen off at least twice, and a few have fallen off three times. There is clearly a problem here.

Could be a flakey Zigbee repeater… Try to “reboot” all your mains powered Zigbee devices (smart bulbs, outlets, switches and so on), by unplugging power for a couple of seconds and then power them up again…

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I fixed it. About 24 hours ago, my wife pointed out that I had installed a 3rd party smartapp that allowed me to group bulbs together under one virtual bulb. I deleted all the virtual devices, the device handler for the virtual devices, and the smartapp itself and the motion sensors instantly all came back and have worked perfectly since. It doesn’t make any sense to me that this would break the motion sensors, but whatever. I’m just glad that it is fixed.