Aeon Minimote: Press on, Hold off

I’m working on a new app that I hope to have finished up soon… just wondering if there is interest from others or not.

I want to be able to control a group of switches from the remote and be able to turn them on or off as a group regardless of their current state. The SmartThings program will just toggle things. So, for example, if my Dinning Room and Kitchen light are controlled by the same button but only the kitchen is on, pressing the button will turn off the Kitchen, but turn on the Dinning Room.

When I finalize my program, pressing the button will turn on all switches in the group. But holding the button will turn off all the switches.


Why no use Routines for that? Create one routine to turn the group of light on and another to turn them off. Then assign the routines to the buttons of your choosing.

@chrisb I would be interested in this.

@geko… I would do routines but i’m trying to keep the # of routines down and not have so many. And i have several minimotes at different parts of the house.

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Why? It’s not like you have to pay extra for each. They’re totally free. :smile:

@geko it clutters the routines, and when the kids or wife use it the more options the more easily they get confused :smiley:

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Especially since we can’t arrange them in any order other than alphabetical. I’ve resorted to adding prefixes of A-Z

You should check out Button Controller+. It’s an extended version of ST’s button controller, and does all of these lighting functions, like on/off/toggle/toggle-dimmer/2 dimmer levels/ virtual Minimote/ fad adjust / shades adjust / etc.

You can find it here:

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@bravenel I’m using this and it’s working great for my setup.


Wow… looks like you’ve got that doing a lot more than what I was looking for, but it also does want I want, so no need to re-invent the wheel it would seem.


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SO with this app created by bravenel I can almost do what I want. I want exactly this but to be able to glide up and down the dim level .

I had originally accomplished this with the minimote at some point but I dont’ remember how