500 Error when navigating to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list

500 Error when navigating to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list.

Steps completed to date:

  • Removed all Device Handlers

  • Removed all SmartApps

  • Removed the last 2 pieces of hardware that were being implemented when error started.

error still persists

what happens if you click on My Locations: devices?

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It takes me to a list of devices. not the 500 error page.

probably a good time to contact ST support and let them troubleshoot from their end

Are you on the right shard? Best practice is to login through account.smartthings.com so it automatically directs you to the right shard.


Newbie here- was so confused about this and how to know… thanks for posting that link! Headache resolved.

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Issue still unresolved after loggin in using following URL: https://account.smartthings.com/login
Additionally I have opened a ticket with Smartthings support.