450191ZWV Kwikset lock not updating info

450191ZWV Kwikset lock connected to aeotec smart hub successfully but when check the device icon, app shows “This device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later.” message and the device cannot be controlled.
How to fix the issue? Is it a problem with drivers?

Need to know the device fingerprints (Mfg Code), whether it installed with a DTH or Edge driver, and if Edge, what driver it’s using. Please use the API Browser+ to locate the fingerprint and driver info and post that here (or a screenshot of the device details).

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Thanks for your reply.

Can I use some API from this list API | SmartThings Developers to get all necessary info?

I can get info for driver:
“name”:“Z-Wave Lock”,

Use the API browser that Bruce linked to and provide the screen shot of the details for the device like the one below.

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