433Mhz included

Will ST ever be able to interface to 433

I assume you meant 433 MHz, since that’s what your topic title said?

If so, SmartThings does not have that frequency radio inside of it, so you are not going to get direct integration.

There are a number of community members who have created integrations using an additional device as a “man in the middle.”

It depends in part on what you are trying to control.

If it happens to be a fan that has a 433 MHz remote, there is a new device, the bond, which can generate a 433 MHz signal for fans and has an IFTTT channel, so you can get limited integration that way. But at $99 it’s expensive and it can only issue a limited set of commands.

I think most people use the Broadlink RM. it costs less and can work with more devices, although you will also need an android device as a go-between. And it’s a fairly complex set up.

And some people have used an arduino with a 433 MHz transmitter.

Just search the forums for “433” and you will find a number of discussion threads on various options.


Thanks JD. With the Broadlink Pro you mention you’d need an Android (seems iPhone is ok too) as a go-between. Does this mean ST is involved, or not involved at all? I am looking to control 12V Somfy Blinds which use 433Mhz, and would ideally like to do it via Smartthings/ SmartThings App. Not the end of the world if you’re saying I’d use an App separate to SmartThings, but just trying to work out what it is I’d be using. I’ll do some more digging too…