401 Error using Authentication: Bearer (token>

I continue to get a 401 Error.



Not sure how to set this up so that I can get a 200 and get data back.


How do I get this to work

In postman it comes back perfect, but I know the issue is either how I am setting up the header or I am missing something else.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


also post on the webcore forum… if you have not already done so.

I thought I had - Thanks for letting me know. I have posted in the Community.

Thank you.


I replied in the webCore forum but for anyone else looking. I think the issue is the format of the header. For another API I use, the curly brackets need to be sent as text however webCore uses them to define expressions. To send as text, escape them with \

Also not sure you need the curl header portion, only authorization and token

Example from another API that I use:
\{ "TOKEN_AUTH" : "{authtoken}" \}

Also, as I noted in the other forum, you should block out your auth token in the third screenshot above.

It is your header. It will take care of the Authorization: bit for you. You just need:

"Bearer TOKEN"

where TOKEN is your UUID.

I tend to initialise a variable with the token and write it as e.g.

"Bearer " access_token

In both cases I am assuming an Expression is being used to give the value.