4 way ge smart switches with relay installation problems

First off I know the first reply will probably be dude call a certified electrician. I completed all my single pole and two switches successfully un my house but my living room 4 way is driving me crazy.

I have the single pole outside light working just fine with proper line and load configuration so there’s no problem there.

I have a single pole fan that I had working with my ge fan switch and I’m sure I can figure that out.

My real question and with the photos below is pertaining to the 4 way livingroom lights that have three switches, and the 4 way light connected to the fan. I wants had them all working but only if the master switch was on so I know there somethings wrong.

Wondering why I have so many traveller wires in this one gang box. My house is brand new and built by an electrician so I hope and think he did every right, I mean everything worked with his toggle switches before I messed with it. Lol

Hard to tell from those pics but here’s a site with a couple of 4 ways wiring. Possible you have option 2. That’s just a guess. You will have to measure them out.

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Pay attention to the Common screws of both 3 ways switches. Usually one will be your load and the other one will be your line.

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Ya the second diagram looks like my set up. It’s frustrating because I managed to properly do my kitchen 3 way with the same ceiling fan/light set up “successfully” and to code.

I wish I had a video current with new zwave switch technology because I can’t even find an experienced electrician at a hardware store that has any idea what I’m talking about lol. I’ve educated so many customers in front of a lowes/HDepot associat it’s funny.

I hope the second diagram will visually help me. It looks like the puzzle I need. I will call an electrician after this last fail.

Here we go, any other diagrams or videos will be helpful and not the 3 way tutorials.

I also notice on the 3 gang boxes one has 2 red the next has 3 red and the last has 4 red traveller wires.

I have the zwave switch working as it should but for house appraisals and waf I NEED to make sure theses relay switches do as there supposed to just like my kitchen.

I feel my tail tucking and my pride dissipating as I look up the number to a real electrician. Can’t wait for them to look at my accomplishments and hear me say “can ya fix it and make it work good”

If you connect back the old dumb switches and take pictures of them especially the Common terminals and tell us which wire is Line hot and neutral. Most likely one of us here could help.
The pictures above are too messy due to multi gangbox and it’s hard to tell which romex is for which circuit.