4 way casata switch install help

hi everyone, looking for some assistance on this installation, don’t know if I need to get a 5WS (no neutral required) switch instead. Want to use 6ANS (neutral required) with 2 Pico’s.

here is the layout
Location 1:
2 Romex into box
1 two wire: black and white
1 three wire: black, white and red

  • black wires are tied together, white wires are on the bottom of the switch (black screw) and red single wire on top

Location 2:
2 Romex into box
both romex’s are three wires: black, white and red

  • black wires tied together, red wires on the bottom of the switch and white wires on the top of the switch

Location 3:
1 Romex into box
three wire - black, red and white

  • Black and white connected at the bottom of the switch and red by itself on the top.

Hopefully I can try to upload some pictures. The switch requires a neutral.

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

You should talk to Lutron support. They are usually very helpful. Contact information is at the bottom of their support page:


thanks i’ll try as well, but I figured someone had similar wiring could assist as well.

You don’t have a neutral in any of those boxes. Location 1, Romex on right is load to your fixture and you will notice the white wire from this Romex hooked up to the black screw on that switch, the “common” side of switch. If you follow the black wires from box to box, notice it’s hooked up to the black screw in location 3. This means you have power going to the light fixture first and then to this switch.

Without running a new wire to this box, your only option is a no neutral switch.

thanks, I guess i have to get the 5WS switch that doesn’t require a neutral.

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