Lutron Caseta Question

Can you use Caseta pro switches with the standard Caseta bridge? I want a Caseta on and off switch only and I only see the pro version. Thanks

Yup. 10 chars.

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Just note that the “Caseta pro” models typically require a neutral at the switchbox, while the plain “Caseta” models typically do not require a neutral.

If it’s just that you only want on/off functionality and you don’t care if the device has the dimmer buttons as long as they are inactivated, you can set up the regular Caseta switches that way. I have those in a couple places in my house.

I just recently got a lutron smart bridge and dimmer since the integration with ST went live. I also just ordered a switch (not a pro model I think, no neutral required), didn’t have too much trouble finding it. Try and search for PD-5WS-DV. If you haven’t ordered from them before, code triple15 will get you 15% off your first three orders.

Thanks for the responses. Any issue using the PD-5WS-DV switch to control a fan on and off? Thanks.

It’s probably fine for most fans, no control of speed though.

Just installed one today, works like a champ. Only on/off control - would be nice if they had a proper fan switch with multi speed but for now still happy with basic control. Also paired with a two button Pico for bedside control too. Wife happy.

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Are there any benefits of using a pd-6ans over the PD-5WS-DV switch? I have a neutral wire.thanks

Just depends on what you need. See the specs. The 6A can carry a higher load ( hence the “six” versus “five”) but also, like many switches that require a neutral, has a lower minimum load, Making it more suitable for some types of loads.

On the other hand, the 5 can be used with European style voltage and the 6 is strictly 120 V.

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