Help with 4-way smart switch (line direct to light fixture)

I have a 4-way switch configured as this diagram:

Will the lutron caseta dimmer work? which switch should it replace? and what happens to the wires in t he other switches?

With the regular dimmer (not 3way), you’d have to replace two of the switches with pico remotes and adapter plates.

With the pro dimmer (3way), you need a neutral, so not an option.

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That’s great except he doesn’t have a neutral which is why he asked about caseta. :wink:

In the diagram, it shows a black and white from panel going to the light first. That means the two wires going to the first switch are a constant power and switched power: no neutral. In residential, a white wire at a switch can be a neutral, carry constant power, or be a traveller wire between 3 and 4way switches. In this configuration the only way to use a switch that requires a neutral is to replace the 2 conductor wire from the switch to light with a 3 conductor wire.

Crap. I double checked the wiring requirements for the pro dimmer and a neutral is required. Edited original reply.