3way setup with a matter switch help


I have got this setup for a light…


And I want to add matter small switch:

I need confirmation that there is no way for me to make this work. Because I have the load wire in one box, and live in another. I can’t figure out a way to do it.

Let me know if I am wrong… I know some of you are geniuses;)

Thank you,

Tagging @ritchierich because has helped me with wiring issues in past.

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Brand and model of the switch?

You can make it work as a single pole/location switch but the secondary switch will no longer work because you don’t have enough wires going to the second switch to make it work as a smart 3way. This said if you want to make it work from the one switch with line power, changes to your fixture wiring will be necessary as well.


@JDRoberts, it’s a Matter switch I got from ali express. not sure that the switch model would be relevant here. But the switch picture and wiring diagram is in my first post.

@ritchierich Yup. so you confirmed my fears! The wife won’t be happy with one location :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for trying, thought maybe there is some trick to it but doesn’t look like it.


You have a few options where you can get a smart switch and a remote for the second location. Lutron Caseta switch along with a Pico or Zooz smart switch and a Zen34 remote.

Again wiring changes would be required at the fixture to make it work but you would basically be disabling the second switch location. Install the smart switch in the location with line power and the remote switch at second location.

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Agreed. I think if I need both locations working, with the current wiring, I will have to get a Zooz switch which I think will support the current wiring I think they support one location having the zooz switch and the other a regular 3-way switch. I would rather not go battery powered though. I had the older ZEN21ver2 (would the new one is zen72) and I was able to that that in other spots. Do you agree?

NOTE: am ok if dimmer works only one location, and on/off the other where I have the regular 3way.

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Lutron pico batteries last over 10 years and I do have one Zooz that I bought a few years ago and haven’t had to change its battery.

Lutron dimmers can be controlled locally by the pico at both locations. Believe with the Zooz the only way is with a ST automation involved.

You can contact Zooz support directly and they will help you with wiring questions and finding a solution that will work. Just include the info from your first post. They have helped me find solutions and solve wiring issues for several locations.

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Thank you @Terri_Baker

Yup, they said I can use a ZEN76:


Option 3.

I am in Canada and options to get Zooz are limited and/or expensive, but I m ay have no choice.

Thank you all.


Are you on their mailing list? They run some attractive sales from time to time: significant savings on any number of devices…