Not traditional 3-way switch

I have been upgrading all of my household light switches with Zooz switched from The Smarthouse, but have run into a situation where I thought I had a traditional three way switch. Turns out my light is set up like THIS. Would I need to remove on switch? I don’t see how my auxiliary switch will work with this setup. Thanks for any help.

With power running to the fixture first you don’t have a neutral at either switch location. Unfortunately without running a wire to one of your switches a smart switch isn’t possible. You could leave your existing switches and use a Aeon micro switch instead.

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Would I only need on Aeon micro switch? The rest of my house has a neutral wire, so this was confusing until I found the power supply ran through the light fixture.

If you only have one load to control, then yes just one micro switch. I have a three way light and I was able to wire an aeon micro switch in the fixture box with both wall switches connected so I could turn the light on with the ST app as well as both dumb switches.